Vancouver Consignment

A special Canadian program

Consignment-Resale Software for Vancouver

Best Consignment Shop Software has two tax fields for Goods and Services Tax and provincial assessment.

Each inventory category can be assigned its own tax rate and it can be taxed 'at or above' a stipulated amount. (For example, an article of clothing might be 'tax-free'below $50 and taxable over $50.)

With the Deluxe edition of BCSS everything can be printed on plain paper using a standard black/white ink printer: agreements, receipts, reports, labels and tags. The Diamond and Virtual editions support thermal price labels and two printers can be used.

With all editions of the software shop owners can buy merchandise from individuals (buy outright or resale) and other businesses (retail). The program keeps track of prices paid and sold and computes profit/loss for any time period - even by inventory category.

Each consignor and each inventory item can have a different consignor % (the amount of sales proceeds paid to owners of consignments).

Aged inventory can be discounted automatically by length of time and percentage of the original price. There can be multiple discount schedules and each category can have its own schedule.

The program includes important function-key reports for one-key-press access to daily activity (sales recap, sold today, entered today, etc.)

Several buttons provide touch access to functions and features related to each work area (buyers, consignors, disbursements, employees, inventory, sales and settlements).

Several people in the past have used Best Consignment Shop Software in British Columbia including:

"Thank you for the instructions. By the way, I am very impressed by how well written BCSS online manual is - very detailed and yet clear explanations, easy to understand and follow - excellent job to help a consignment business beginner to have the right start! I have even managed to set up 2 computers and all printers into a network with database running on POS PC and back-office accessing the main data on the POS. Works like charm! Thanks a lot!" Sergei Gassiev, Tool X Change, North Vancouver

"We have had a very successful first year and a large part of it is due to the BCSS program we have had in use. We are the only consignment fashion in our area with a professional computerized POS system. As with our success I'm positive you will being seeing our competitors soon as the customers are now enjoying the detail and information we can supply to them in a printed document. I will most certainly recommend your product to any who may inquire. I have recently downloaded your update of BCSS onto my system at home and I like what I see. Your success is evident by the way your program is being modified to suit the customers wants and needs." Vince, Caliente Fashions, West Vancouver, British Columbia