Software for Mexican Consignment and Resale Shops

    • Sell for others on consignment.
    • Purchase merchandise and resell it.
    • Make sales with layaway payments.
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Consignment is growing in popularity in Mexico, particularly in tourist areas like Cancun (Super Bazar, Bazar Cancun, Ventas Bazar Palace, Remates De Segunda Mano, Lobo Sales and Bazar Taz).

Best Consignment Shop Software is Bazar software adapted for use in Mexico:

Barcode Scanners

Price labels and hang tags can be printed (with barcodes) using an ink printer from sheets of labels or on plain paper. Barcodes can be scanned at checkout to populate the sales invoice with item description, price and owner, and they can be scanned to find items in inventory records. Barcode scanners are like keyboards as input devices and are generally universal. Any scanner can be tested with the demo version of Best Consignment Shop Software for compatibility. Keep in mind that only barcodes printed by BCSS can be read by the program.

Cash Drawers

A cash drawer used with BCSS is a metal 'box' for storing valuables and has a compartmentalized tray for separating currency and coins.

A cash drawer can connect to the receipt printer and can open when a receipt is printed. Using Best Consignment Shop Software, the drawer will open for check and cash payments and can be opened by pressing a key.

Returns are often not allowed in resale which negate the necessity of printing receipts, making a receipt printer unnecessary. The program does provide for the printing of a sales receipt on plain paper using an ink printer, so it is possible to substitute a special adapter for the printer allowing the drawer to be connected directly to the computer. In

Label Printers

Mexican resales shops are often on tight budgets, making cost savings paramount. Best Consignment Shop Software makes it possible to print labels and tags with an ink printer and that avoids the much larger expense of a thermal label printer ($349 in the US) and its availability.