Market Selling Options

Flea-Market Software is a simple management program for tracking booth space rentals, renters, rents (scheduled, due and past due) and inventory, processing sales, and settling with them (deducting rent and charges from and adding credits to sales settlement proceeds).

The program installs on your business computer and is not online so it's not dependent upon the Internet. No worries about the software 'going down' while the market is open and processing sales. Power out? No problem. Run the program on a laptop.

Vendors can provide spreadsheets containing inventory information which management can import into the computer program. Price labels can be printed (with or without barcodes) on sheet labels (using a standard ink printer) or on thermal-roll labels (using a thermal label printer.)

With the (higher) Virtual edition of the software vendors (booth renters) can log into a secure website to view their account information and add inventory online (to be downloaded to the market's computer if needed).

A waiting list can be maintained for each available space.

Layaways are included and can be included in settlements.

Employees can be granted and denied access to database information, and their sales commissions can be tracked. Each employee can have a different commission schedule. Each sale can be flagged as having been processed by a certain employee.

For credit-card processing, a separate module is available which allows some or all of credit-card expense on to vendors and/or buyers. Separately a 'buyer fee' ($ or %) can be deducted for 'expenses' prior to settlement. Your current card processor (if any) can be used.

Individuals, individual sales and general invoices can be tax free. Categories of items can be tax free, taxed above a given amount or taxed at varying percentages.

There are two sales-tax fields to accommodate state and local taxes, or multiple taxing authorities.

Each vendor can have a different percentage share of sales.

Sales can be processed at one (or more) POS stations, reducing the need for additional POS hardware like barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers. A built-in sales receipt can eliminate the need for a costly thermal-receipt printer.

There are over 300 reports covering all aspects of business and including any data contained in the database. A special report can show which renters had insufficient sales for the rent period to cover rental payments.

Software Pricing and Policies

The basic program (not online) is BCSS Diamond and the price is a one-time $595. There are no ongoing monthly annual service fees. The program can be leased for $59.50 per month for 12 months.

You own your copy of the software for lifetime use. (This is substantially different from paying for a 'usage license'.)

Optional phone/remote-pc support is available a la carte.

Additional copies of the program ($299) are available for multiple stations in the same location.

Software Features

For a complete list of features please refer to Shopping Mall Software.

Get a free live remote demo on the business computer before purchase to make sure make sure the program is right for your operation. Here's a video overview.

POS Systems Cost

consignment store owners who purchase other software programs will eventually pay more after purchase (for a variety of add-on charges that may not have been disclosed, much less emphasized, prior to purchase).

Software providers have been trolling these waters for nearly 20 years, perfecting ways of slipping post-purchase costs past users' radar and bringing them to the surface way after the money-back period has expired. If any competitor of ours claims to have no ongoing costs planned, call.

Ask about lease and finance options.