Antique Dealer Software

Track inventory. Process sales. Manage Business.

Low-Cost Antique Dealer Software for Bookkeeping

An antique dealer's treasure find - an inventory and business accounting and bookkeeping software for one payment with no forever fees for support or updates. Ideal for dealers, malls and collectors.

Antique Dealer

With the exception of motor vehicles objects are considered to be 'antiques' if they are over 100 years old. A person or entity that engages in the purchasing and selling of antiques is an antique dealer.

There are no qualifications for becoming an antique dealer but knowing antiques and the market for them are most likely necessary. Most importantly the skills are needed to identify genuine pieces and spot fakes. These skills might only come with years of experience and/or the good fortune of mentors.

Antique Dealer Inventory

An antique dealer commonly possesses many objects for collection and sale. A dealer is typically in the business of buying and selling antiques, may or may not have a physical location and online presence.

One dealer will routinely specialize in specific groups or categories of antiques like art, books, cars, furniture and collectibles.

Antique Dealer Inventory Software

Software for antiques inventory identities each piece with a control number (or Item ID) and records (often detailed) descriptions of items. New: Antique Mall Software Reviews and Pricing

Software can categorize similar objects into groups - useful for keeping track of inventory and producing reports. Generally any information recorded about holdings can be used to create specific reports.

Antique Dealer Accounting Software

Accounting software addresses the business end of buying, selling and trading antiques. Such programs regularly include POS (point-of-sale) capability including credit-card processing. The bookkeeping aspect keeps track of prices paid, selling prices, profit and loss, per piece, per category and per period.

Best Consignment Shop Software is well adapted for antique-dealer use. It combines inventory and accounting with client (and employee) management, provides sales processing and payment disbursements.

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