Thrift Software Versatility

    • Sell inventory on consignment.
    • Resell donations.
    • Buy and sell merchandise.
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Military wives in clubs, choirs, charities and foundations operate thrift stores on bases home and abroad using Best Consignment Shop Software. Unlike other programs, payment for the software is made once and for lifetime use with no ongoing fees for 'support'. Software updates are also free.


Service-related merchandise is a prime market for resale for several reasons:

In other words there a tons of people interested in owning and disposing of paraffinalia in a closed and unique market.

Placing items on consignment in a thrift store is a convenient way for military personnel and their dependents to turn their discards into cash. Shopping at the thrift store helps those on limited salaries to acquire merchandise at reduced prices.

Resale at Thrift Shops

'Resale' in Best Consignment Shop Software refers to the purchasing of used goods from individuals for reselling. The program keeps track of sellers, buy and sell prices and it computes profit and loss for any period of time.

Thrift Store Software Options

Whether the organization makes a little or a lot from store sales, it would rarely make sense to get involved with a web-based program costing a minimum of $99 per month. It's important to know that the software provider controls the software and will disable the software when payment stops.

Neither does it make sense to pay $1,400 up front and trailing annual support fees and beware, such a vendor will claim that after-purchase fees are optional without explaining the plans in place to force payment of 'annual support fees' (which are to deny service in any form and withhold software updates if fees are not paid).

Best Consignment Shop Software is a one-off payment. There are no forever support fees, optional or otherwise, so one payment and done. If support is needed after purchase, rates are half that of local IT services and if support is never needed (which happens most often) money will not have passed from the store to the software provider needlessly.

Military Shop Software

Special features and provisions for worldwide military shops.

Military Thrift Shop Software

Best Consignment Shop Software can be configured specifically for POS and inventory and client management in your military consignment shop.

The cost of using our software programs is well under competing POS systems because:

  • The initial price has not been padded with prepayment for support.
  • Prices and features are graduated so no over-priced one-fits-all program.
  • There are no ongoing monthly or annual prepayments for support.
  • There is no risk of future support-payment increases (because there is no 'support plan').
  • With the exception of stand-alone modules it is not necessary to purchase one thing to get another 'for free'. (Consignpro: 'Software updates are free with paid annual support!' which really means 'no support fee payment = no software updates'.)
  • Training is not excluded from 'the annual support plan'. (There is no support plan.)
  • Shipping charges are not tacked on (outside the continental US).
  • Sales tax is not added (except TX).
  • High-priced programs offer a '10% military discount' so a program selling for $1,300 is reduced to $1,170 - still 3 times the cost of BCSS Deluxe ($395).

The currency symbol by default is the dollar sign but can be changed to any currency symbol.

Payments to consignors can be made by cash, check, gift certificate, PayPal or store credit. A 'bonus' can be added to settlements for store credit to encourage consignors to accept credit instead of payment, resulting in fewer payouts, fewer checks written/mailed. Settlement money is kept 'in the store' and increases revenue through increased sales.

Typical POS equipment can be used with various editions of the software: receipt and label printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers. The drawer can connect directly to the PC so it can be opened by pressing F12 or by processing non-credit-card sales (cash, check, PayPal).

The Hidden Risk

Almost all consignment software apps have been written by and are supported by one person - 'the programmer'. Support for 'his' software will be around for as long as he is. Really? $1200 for a $100 program that may not be supported next year?

Download the free demo and give a call to arrance for a free live demo.

POS Systems Cost

Software providers have been preying on military thrift stores for a long time, hiding fees this way and that, learning how to word advertising to suggest one payment when in fact a plethora of fees are in the works. Ask for a full disclosure in an email of all possible fees so when fees start showing up, you'll have something in hand to push back.