Canadian Shop Software

Special features and provisions for resale in Canada.

Consignment Software for Canada

Best four inventory-accounting-POS (point of sale) management software programs, complete systems and solutions for Canadian (CA) consignment shops, resale-thrift stores and retail sales businesses selling used goods, crafts, books (by ISBN), art, antiquies, designer handbags, even RVs. QuickBooks compatibility. Options for mall floor-space rental, secondhand services and auctions. Top reviews and priced way under web-based (cloud, online) products with no monthly or annual support fees.

Best Consignment Shop Software has 2 tax fields for the various tax possibilities in Canada.

British Columbia and a few other provinces add Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on top of the national 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST). Shop owners are required to collect both and report them separately to Canadian Revenue Agency and the local province. Best Consignment Shop Software applies each tax to each applicable sale and records and reports each tax separately and as a total.

Some provinces add 13% to 15% for HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and can report the total tax to the CRA.

Other areas of Canada don't add a local sales tax so the sales-tax rate is just 5%.

POS Hardware for Resale Shops

The currency exchange rate and shipping charges make purchasing hardware from U.S. suppliers unnecessarily expensive and often causes shipment delays going through customs. These issues are avoided by purchasing hardware (compatible with Best Consignment Shop Software) from Canadian sources. Those within driving distance of the U.S. use US addresses for shipment.

Canadian Currency in BCSS

The program uses the dollar sign for currency designation. For French provinces the symbol can be changed to franc. The program however will still appear in English.

The software itself is available in 4 levels of ascending features and price. Stores just starting out and small shops often find the basic version (Intro, $295 USD) to be adequate for the basic tasks of processing consignment sales and producing reports. Inventory is entered at the time it is sold so there are no reports on in-store merchandise.

The Deluxe edition is the next step up ($395) and adds support for the use of barcodes, cash drawers and receipt printers. The Deluxe software/hardware package ($879) includes the software, drawer and printer. Data can be exported to .csv and QuickBooks formats.

The Diamond edition ($595) adds networking capability (connecting multiple computers at the same location to share the BCSS database), thermal label printing, employee management and mall floor-space rental.

Virtual makes it possible for clients to view their account information online and add inventory (which can be downloaded at the shop). The monthly server rental is $25. QuickBooks is also directly integrated with Best Consignment Shop Software so data export is not necessary.

All payments for the software and hardware are one-time payments for lifetime use. No forever payments. The prices are lower because there is no prepayment for support. There is also no payment for the work done by the software provider for keeping the software current (software updates). Neither are they monthly or annual fees for support.

Instead, a free live demo is included with purchase as well as a detailed illustrated user's guide and training videos. Help beyond the live demo is available at rates well below those charged by most local IT stores. That way, if you never need help you will not have paid money to a software vendor for 'nothing' and when you do need help, it will be readily available and affordable.

Click on the button below to download the free 2-week demo. We won't accept payment for the software until you're satisfied that the edition you've chosen does all that is needed and works properly on your computer.