Best Consignment Store Software...

...began in 2001, literally turning the consignment-software world upside down.

Programs were way over-priced.

Vendors used software updates to force support payments.

We cut prices by 70% and did away with 'annual fees'.

We made updates free.

Honest. Fair. Trustworthy.

Every detail of our client relationship is spelled out up front so there are no disappointments or misunderstandings:

Software Savings

No less than 1,000 stores avoided a $284 receipt printer because we explained: 'no-return policy = no receipt needed'. Our clients saved $284,000.

BCSS is tiered in price so money isn't wasted on unwanted features.

Simple: Help store owners save big on software and hardware and they will tell 5 others.

Ask any consignment software provider to disclose in writing pre-sale all possible fees so later on, when 'surprise costs' show up, you can push back.

Ask about lease and finance options.