Open Source Consignment Software

Open-source software makes the original source code of the program available to the public for modification and distribution. Most consignment stores reject it because there is often no readily-available support.

Open-source software can be largely useless to consignment-software owners because computer programming is of no interest or value to them and they are not in the business of distributing software.

Primarily though, there is often no support for the software and where there is, fees are involved and as much help as some users of consignment software need, fees mount up with the potential of exceeding the cost of purchasing a software program outright that does provide support.

Consignment Inventory Software

An open-source program should provide inventory records at a minimum. The limitations of open-source can be that there are no advanced features for automating the management of inventory, like:

  • multiple discount schedules for discounting unsold inventory
  • categories for customized taxation, discounting and consignor percentages
  • Batch actions by barcode
  • Batch processes for adding, editing and deleting items
  • variations for consignment, resale, retail, rentals and trades
  • thermal price labels and tags

Web Based Consignment Software

There's no getting around the fact that most software vendors are out to get all they can from every user of the products. Every web-based software program carries a heavy monthly usage fee. There is no 'one payment for lifetime use'. Once payment stops, the software stops. The unforeseen planted bomb is the future increases in cost once you're locked in. If you're just looking for mobility, use a laptop or use free software programs for accessing the shop computer from any other computer, even half way around the world.

Merchants Village Software Reviews

It should be noted that this program does not include support, including training. Support and training must be purchased so the cost is open-ended. More importantly, this program was written by and is being supported by one person. Consideration should be given for how much support costs now, how much it will cost in the future, and whether support will be available if the person making this offer is no longer available. It should also be noted that the one 5-star review herein was written by the provider of the software.

Cheapest Consignment Software

Web-based consignment software provides the freedom to manage your business remotely but at a very high ongoing escalating cost while exposing your clients' information to hackers. Learn how to Mobilize and protect your customers privacy for free.

Antique Dealer Software Free

Software for an antique dealer is specialized, providing options for tracking booth rentals, deducting rent from sales proceeds, printing price labels/tags for vendors and maintaining a wait list. At the time of this writing there is no known program that is 'free' but here again, if such is available, there will undoubtedly be strings attached that create some flow of funds from the software user to the software developer.

Consignment Sale Software

The term 'consignment sale' might suggest that the software is to be used for one-time or periodic events like seasonal sales, charity auctions and estate sales. Generally speaking, software targeting a niche market like 'consignment sales' has less competition and attempts to generate a stream of income (from shop to software developer) by charging fees 'per sale'. Here again a consignment sale software with a one-off cost will probably deliver needed features without never-ending cost while lending itself to other types of sales like buy outright, resale, retail, layaways and trades.