Consignment Shop Software: Free Work From Home

Remember the days when you could pay just once for Outlook or Photoshop or just about any software program and enjoy 'lifetime use'?

Web-based ('Cloud') software became more prevalent, not because it's the only game in town or for that matter, the best way to 'work from anywhere', but because software developers discovered that some business owners are willing to pay endlessly for the faddish notion.

Cloud software's endless monthly fee is often touted as a selling point because "there's no large up-front outlay". In consignment software, most vendors provide financing which breaks up the cost of the software into lower monthly amounts but with a major difference: the payments end at some point. Not with web-based software! Payments continue for as long as the software is in use so multiply that monthly payment by 120 if the plan is to be in business for 10 years. Keep in mind that the monthly fee will surely be increased regularly and considerably.

Use a Laptop

Laptops can be slower than desktops (because the hard drives spin at about 75% of the RPMs of a desktop, and they can be fussy, not recovering well from power-saving options, getting confused when ports for peripherals are switched, etc. but they can be the ideal alternative to endless web-based fees. Yes, of course, laptops will have their issues and new ones may need to be purchased - 2 or 3 perhaps, in a 10-year period.

Our software clients take laptops to auctions, estate sales, coffee shops, on vacations and to their homes and wherever business and pleasure take them. A decided advantage is that all of the client's programs and files are accessible - not just the web-based consignment software. He or she won't be catching up on an airplane, or perhaps on a cruise ship where there may be no Internet connectivity.

Primarily though the real appeal of laptops and a software program is fixed cost - no ongoing fees. At today's prices, the 10-year cost of a cloud program would be $12,000 - AND a computer is still needed!

You might think that no one would break into a consignment shop, but 'they' do. Taking the laptop at home every day eliminates this risk.

Global Free Remote Access

Free versions of remote-access programs like Team Viewer and GoToMyPC all cross-platform connections like Cross-platform PC to PC, mobile to PC, PC to mobile that support Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Install and run Best Consignment Shop Software on a shop computer then access that computer from anywhere in the world on a device with an Internet connection, and run the program just as though you were sitting there in front of it. Yes, things like printing that require a local presence can't be done with any degree of certainty but remote printing is also now available.

Data Security

A major problem often overlooked with Internet-based programs is that stores' client data is vulnerable. The vendor collecting a monthly fee for his software will give assurances but backed by what? It's quite likely that somewhere in the usage agreement there's a disclaimer of liability.


The same vendor will also offers assurances about things over which he has no control, like the availability of an Internet connection.

Data security and program reliability are not concerns when your software and you clients' data reside on your computer which doesn't require an Internet connection.