Gun Sales Software

Buy, sell and trade new and used guns.

Software For Gun Consignment Resale Retail

POS-Inventory database management program and systems for buying, selling, trading and consigning guns, ammo, books, weapons, gear, components/parts and accessories for firearms in shop and online. Police/LEADS reporting.

Flag, tag and ID every weapon and every supplier, from individual sellers to wholesalers and manufacturers. Find any one of them easily with key-press search. Customize reports to include specific information by category, location, type of transaction (buy outright, retail, consignment), date range, voids, layaways - even account balance.

Regular customers. Record a detailed history of every transaction and activity. Print out a report to be handed, mailed or emailed. Organize everything in your business is exact detail and know at any moment where you stand.

Employees? Deny them access to any part of the database (information). Block them from authorization to void and discount sales at point-of-sale. Audit the cash drawer in real time to know what 'should be' in the drawer and what is. Every transaction can carry an employee's signature to know who do what.

Don't want to buy that piece? Take it on consignment with a written signed agreement that you're not responsible for it and for how long you'll hold onto it. If it sells, take a good share of the sales proceeds. This can be a better situation for the owner and you - than lending money against the piece as a loan: fewer regulations, less police reporting, much simpler accounting.