Clover POS System for Consignment

Every software program has a mix of positive and negative comments. Many web surfers don’t even bother to read good reviews because they can’t be trusted. (They are often fake, paid for, or traded for something of value like discounts on purchases and reciprocal reviews.) It’s also still a bit difficult to find several Clover […]

Space Rental Management Software

What is Space Rental Management Software? Space management software keeps track of the business of renting booth, floor, mall and market real estate. Our system includes inventory tracking, sales processing, consignment, resale, retail, merchandise rental and QuickBooks compatibility. Rental Software Pricing We make it easy to know just how much our rental software is going […]

Consignment Booking Software

In consignment ‘booking’ can mean a couple of things:Consignment: Selling merchandise for others and keeping track of consignors, inventory, sales, amounts owed, payments, etc.Consigning: Placing merchandise on consignment with one or more consignors (resellers) and keeping track of inventory, locations, sales, etc. Consignment Software is a computer program (used by consignment-resale-thrift stores) to manage the […]

POS Systems For Consignment Stores

Tons of software features out there for consignment, resale, thrift and retail as well as mall-space rental, layaways, etc. — but at what cost? Best Consignment Shop Software does it all with one payment for lifetime use. Consignment (resale, retail) software programs pretty much do the same things: keep track of clients and inventory, process […]

What is Consignment?

Consignment is the placing of tangible valuables in another’s custody for distribution or sale. The consignor consigns possessions to the consignee and retains ownership of the consignments. The consignee takes custody of the consigned merchandise and delivers or sells it. With delivery the consignor might be paid when consignments are placed with the consignee or […]

Cost-Saving Budget Plans for Consignment & Resale Shops

On average this article will save $2,000 yearly in unnecessary expenses. Long before opening day successful resale shop owners have a budget in place to control expenses. “A penny saved…” couldn’t be more apropos when entering into long-term relationships at business startup – location, lease, software – those things you get locked into and can’t […]