Consignment Booking Software

In consignment ‘booking’ can mean a couple of things:
Consignment: Selling merchandise for others and keeping track of consignors, inventory, sales, amounts owed, payments, etc.
Consigning: Placing merchandise on consignment with one or more consignors (resellers) and keeping track of inventory, locations, sales, etc.

Consignment Software is a computer program (used by consignment-resale-thrift stores) to manage the business of reselling others’ belongings. The best app for the job (Best Consignment Shop Software) records consignors and their inventory, prints price labels, hang tags, agreements, receipts, reports and checks, and processes sales and settlements (paying consignees for finalized sales).

Consigning Software (called ‘Consignment Sales Tracking Software‘) is used by consignors to keep track of their items on consignment, where the items are located, quantities, prices and sales.

Gladly, still, both programs are still available for a one-off cost with lifetime ownership/use and no trailing support fees. This is in stark contrast to the web-based offerings requiring endless monthly payments for only use of software.

Best Consignment Shop Software is a Windows-based program that installs on user’s computer(s). Internet service is not required and data is stored securely on the computer. Web-based software, on the other hand, resides on a ‘foreign computer’ of which software users have little or no knowledge. Clients data (contact information, addresses, account information) is also stored ‘remotely’ and out of the store owner’s control or supervision. (Any store owner using web-based software might be well served to have written permission from every consignor to place his/her information online.)

BCSS is one of the last-known software programs still available for one (low) price. The Diamond edition, for example, at $595 supports networking, thermal label and receipt printing, employee management, mall-space rental, automatic daily backup, QuickBooks export and free software updates – a veritable bargain compared to web-based software costing $6,000 over 5 years ($100 per month for 60 months) – and beyond.

The highest edition of the program (BCSS Virtual) allows consignors to view their account information online and add inventory online (to be downloaded at the shop). (This edition does require a monthly server rental of $25.)

Going the other way, the Deluxe edition prints ‘everything’ (agreements, receipts, labels, tags, reports, checks) using any black and white ink printer (bubblejet, inkjet, LaserJet) and 8.5 x 11 paper and sheets of price labels and hang tags.

All editions of the program utilize barcodes, cash drawers and receipt printers.

In business since 2001, Best Consignment Shop Software has saved each and every consignment-store owner hundreds of dollars in ‘service fees’ and monthly software rental payments. With over 4,000 copies sold, it’s estimated that collectively shops have saved $4,000,000 (four million dollars) opting for BCSS.

Published by Mr. Consignment