Space Rental Management Software

What is Space Rental Management Software?

Space Rental Management for Malls, Markets and Events

Space management software keeps track of the business of renting booth, floor, mall and market real estate. Our system includes inventory tracking, sales processing, consignment, resale, retail, merchandise rental and QuickBooks compatibility.

Rental Software Pricing

We make it easy to know just how much our rental software is going to cost by stating the one-off price before telling you how wonderful the software is: $595 once for lifetime use. No ongoing fees. No prepayments for support. No ‘call for pricing’.

That’s for the ‘Diamond edition’ which installs on your computer and runs without dependence upon the Internet – or even electricity (if run on a laptop with batteries) – no down time at crucial times like events, sales, weekends… Your data and your clients’ information can be safe from intrusion.

The Virtual edition of the software is a step up in features and price. It also installs locally with the same safe guards and reliability and adds online access to you and your vendors to view account information and add inventory (to be downloaded to your computer). One payment of $795 plus $25/mo for server access.

Rent Mall & Market Space

  • Record information about spaces, rents and renters
  • Sell vendors’ merchandise at POS (or not) and deduct rent from sales proceeds
  • Customize fees to be collected in addition to rent
  • Produce reports showing who’s short on rent and how much
  • Maintain a waiting list for units
  • Sell (and rent) your own merchandise
  • Buy from individuals for resale (buy outright)
  • Buy from suppliers for resale (re

Support for Your Rental Software

Prices for our software are considerably less than other programs because prices are not padded with prepayment for support. Included with purchase is 30 minutes of setup and instructions – about 15 minutes more than needed – and thereafter, there are no support prepayments so if support is never needed, money will not have been wasted. Conversely payment is requested when support is requested, generally at $20/15 minutes.

Setup includes help with equipment (scanners, drawers, printers) purchased from us but we can help with equipment purchased elsewhere. Please refer to hardware for a list of recommended makes and models.

Switching from another program? Tech support can convert data from most database formats.

Purchase Software

Equally as important, it’s preferable to not purchase the software until the owner of the business is satisfied (if not thrilled) that the program does all that is needed and works properly. To that end the program here’s the downloaded link and an overview video.

Money Back Guarantee: Take a couple of weeks to evaluate the software. When you’re ready, purchase it and if something comes up within 30 days, just return it and the software will cease to work.


Oh we’ll spend a fortune in support cost!

  • This is sometimes a piece of demagoguery offered by competitors hoping to discourage you from buying this software. The fact is we rarely hear from purchasers after purchase because there’s just no need for support, and when there is, the total spent on ‘support’ is minor. Training videos and a well-illustrated detailed user’s guide are all the help most clients need.

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