The Lowest Consignment Software Cost

By far the lowest ‘cost’ in consignment software is still Best Consignment Shop Software – one payment for lifetime use with no monthly or annual prepayments for ‘support’ (or any other contrivance).

Software vendors in recent years have salivated over the prospect of perceived endless streams of income from consignment shops by proclaiming their software to be ongoing ‘services’ rather than ‘products’ to be had for one payment (Richochet, Simpleconsign, Paygopos, Consigncloud, Rose…)

Preceding that marketing strategy were vendors purportedly offering software at a one-off cost but with a twist, forcing annual support payments by either refusing support and/or denying software updates if ‘annual support plans’ weren’t purchased (Resaleworld (Liberty), ‘Conpro’, The Consignment Shop…) Same difference. Endless payments. Those ploys remain in effect today.

Software vendors know that store owners are loathed to switch to another software program once past the learning curve – once well into paying for the software. The real cost of both types of software (cloud or computer) is the open-ended agreements that shop owners fall victim to:

  • Additional Users or Copies of the Software – The most common tactic for increasing the flow of funds from consignment shop to software vendor.
  • Multiple Locations – Opening another location? Brace yourself because cost will escalate dramatically.
  • Price Increases – Does the vendor reserve the right to increase the amount of the forced monthly or annual payment? This hidden charge is seldom volunteered in sales pitches or any disclosures prior to purchase.

The Lowest Consignment Software Cost

Shop owners can avoid this entire mess by purchasing Best Consignment Shop Software for a one-time payment. There are no hidden or ongoing fees. The program belongs to the person who purchased it for lifetime use.

Purchase includes training videos, a live demo and a detailed illustrated user’s guide.

There are no monthly or annual support fees because 1) store owners want to pay a minimum for software and 2) there should be no payment for something that may not be needed or wanted: support.

The purchase price of the software does not include prepayment for support, but help is available from hardware manufacturers free of charge. Support from Best Consignment Shop Software is available at a rate well below market average for IT assistance.

‘BCSS’ is one of the last programs available that allow shop operators to control cost by separating software from all else.

Published by Mr. Consignment