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  • Farmers Market Software and Salon Software keep track of rental spaces and vendors.
  • Update on working from home vs web-based programs.
  • Tagging: Print adhesive labels or non-adhesive hang tags with a common ink printer using sheet labels, or a with a thermal label printer using rolls of labels. Available options to be printed on labels includes date in, the discount schedule, barcodes, shop name and secret disposal codes (letting store employees know when items are to be removed and how they are to be disposed).
  • Assign a discount schedule to each consignment and each category.
  • Vary consignor-split percentages by consignor and/or by individual items, or don't discount select merchandise, either individually or by category.
  • Encourage consignors to settle for store credit by granting a percentage bonus for doing so. Money stays in the store, fewer consignment checks need to be written and patrons are encouraged to return to the store to make purchases.
  • Increase sales by allowing layaways.
  • Deduct a small amount from settlement of card sales to reduce or eliminate the store's cost of processing. (Individuals can be exempted from this option.)
  • Deduct a small percentage from every sale before applying the consignor split - to help with overhead expenses. This option of course must be fully disclosed.
  • Set a minimum amount for settlement to reduce the number of monthly settlements to be made.

Work from Home - Do it for free! Work from anywhere without paying endlessly for web-based services. Here's how!


Generalities on Cash Drawers, POS Receipts, POS Taxation, consignment clothing and antique dealers.

Valuable tips for purchasing software.

Buy, sell, trade, auction, consign, rent, resell, thrift, layaway and fund raise with buy-sell-trade software.

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POS Layaways increase sales through installment payments.

Consignor Software and buyer for managing resale businesses

Sell arts and crafts.

Here's a general overview of Consignment POS Systems.

Business management software for Art Galleries

Dump ConsignPro and be free from fee manipulation and deception.

Open-source software is generally not appropriate for most consignment stores.

BCSS is a well-rounded Windows POS software.

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Model Railroads Software

What Is Consignment Inventory

Functions for Trade Show Software and Exhibit Software combine several types of transactions.

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6/19 Team Viewer instructions for technicians in Mexico.

8/9 Dual-Band Routers should be used for networking.

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1/30-16 > See how to reset the computer's date for entering data for a date other than today's date.

1/30-16 > AIMsi Tri-Tech found mimicking the name 'Best Consignment Shop Software'.

12/14-15 > Purge old records at year end to speed computer processing.

10/24-15 > CCE Consignment Software can easily be converted to BCSS at minimal cost.

How to Price Used Merchandise

6/24/13 > The bonus for store-credit settlement can be based upon total sales or the settlement amount. (read on)

06/28 > Printing thermal price labels is the preferred method for producing attractive cost-efficient tags. (more)

07/23 > Barcodes organize inventory, expedite checkout and increase profits. (more)

07/31 > Cash drawers and receipt printers with BCSS complete a POS system. (details)

08/05 > Have a backup plan for inevitable down time. (more)

08/09 > BCSS flexible pay-out options increase store profits and customer loyalty. (read)

08/14 > Free access to your consignment-shop computers from anywhere in the world using today's free web-based software programs. (read)

08/20 > Use free online services to transfer large data files. (further information)

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08/25 > The protection your computer needs from hackers, employees and ? (See here)

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09/25 > Here are the advantages to selling online.

10/05 > Minimize the cost of 'service' with free consignment help and free consignment software.

11/09 > Data files can be compressed (reduced in size) for storage and transmission to another computer. Learn how.

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01/09 > A Rewards Program can be a profitable marketing strategy. Learn more.

02/10 > Read online reviews of Best Consignment Shop Software.

01/09 > Here's how to take a picture of your computer screen.

03/10 > Buyers of consignment software are often indirectly paying software reviews sites for biased opinions.

05/20 > See how to recover from data loss quickly using free services and resources.

05/22 > BCSS has a special edition of consignment software for New Zealand.

05/30 > Bothered by competitors' smear campaigns? Take a look at BCSS Scam Reports and Reviews.

06/02 > BCSS now offers consignment software for QuickBooks.

08/06 > Learn how to make screenshots and problem-reporting recordings.

10/09 > See how to speed up your shop's computer.

08/23 > Make fonts larger in BCSS. See how to make letters and numbers appear larger.

08/30 > Software for Dummies is actually software for busy people who need for things to be simple.

08/30 > Speed up processing on your computer with a few simple adjustments.


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