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Antique Furniture

Antique (or 'vintage') Suggests old age or 'ancient'. An 'antique' is anything that existed long ago, generally more than one hundred years.

In terms of furniture, objects need not be from ancient times to be considered antiques. Pieces dating back just 50 years could qualify if they are valued and sought after by collectors willing to pay to own them.

American antique furniture periods were Federal, Sheraton, American Empire, Shaker, Victorian, Arts and Craft, Traditional Revival, Art Nouveau, Modern and Post-Modern.

Antiques For Sale

Furniture pieces become collectibles over time as the number of original pieces disappear and/or the number of collectors seeking them increases.

The value of furniture antiques varies with the era. Traditional Georgian and Victorian furniture values have fallen considerably over the past several years

Selling antiques is big business. There's antique malls, shops, stores, auctions, galleries, warehouses and museums.

Antique Stores

'Stores' in English vernacular suggests larger size. Antique stores tend to be quite large with hundreds of inventory items and plenty of showroom space.

Antique Shops

'Shops' denotes a small size along the lines of 'boutique' - much smaller spaces and perhaps even smaller items.

Stores and shops are generally owned and operated by individuals who have experience in valuing pieces and spotting fakes.

Antiques Online

It would see that buying and selling antiques online is a precarious proposition. It is unfortunately true that the 'Internet' has crooks crawling out from under rocks looking to take advantage of trusting souls.

Buying and selling something tangible and large like furniture might best be served in a local market using online services to provide information and pictures.

Antique Furniture Software

Anyone who has been in the business of marketing antiques knows that there's a ton of information that gets jumbled very easily without organization and efficiency.

Software for buying and selling antiques identifies every piece uniquely, groups antiques by categories (defined by the antique dealer), prints labels and hang tags for point of sale, processes sales and generates reports about inventory, clients, sales, profit and loss. A more sophisticated furniture program (like Diamond edition) tracks rental spaces at antique malls. Each space is identified with renter, amount of rent, rent due date and a waiting list. Malls typically sell at POS for dealers and deduct rent from monthly settlements.

Take advantage of the free live demo by calling 888-427-5779.

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