Antique Malls Software

    • Live demo
    • One payment : Lifetime Use
    • Free software updates
    • Track booths and vendors
    • Full inventory control & POS
    • Deduct rent from sales
    • Report: Vendors short on sales
    • Option: Vendors view accounts online

Low-Cost Antique Mall Software

The antique mall accounting system in Best Consignment Shop Software Diamond edition provides specialty features for managing booth rentals at antique and shopping malls, local events and flea markets:

With the Virtual edition of the software, vendors can view their account information online (at on any device including cell phone. They can add inventory (that can be downloaded to the mall's main computer). The monthly server rental is $25 so mall managers use this feature to increase income by charging a small monthly amount per vendor.

The outstanding features of the antique mall accounting system are pricing and policies.

Pricing and features are tiered so those not needing additional features aren't forced to purchase a costly 'one-size-fits-all' program. (See a comparison of software programs.)

Payment is once for lifetime use of the software. No forever payments. If you were to close up shop and start again later on, the same software could be used.

Prices are lower than competing programs because price hasn't been padded with prepayment for support.

There are no monthly or annual fees for support. Instead, help is available when it is needed and payment is made at the time, at rates about half that of local computer services.

Software updates are free. (This is work done in the background by tech support to add new features and maintain the software code.)

Take advantage of the free live demo by calling 888-427-5779. We won't accept payment for the software until you're satisfied that our Antique Mall Software is the best choice for you.