Liberal BCSS Support

Flexibility and affordability highlight BCSS support options.

Industry Support Policies

Support plans for most software vendors serve to maintain a steady stream of revenue from consignment shops to software-vendor coffers, and there are some dastardly consequences in place to assure that shops pay up:

  • Annual support fees range from $125 to $2,340!
  • Specific services (like training, hardware help, etc.) are excluded from the annual fee and additional fees apply.
  • Service fees have been raised often and consistently over the past decade.
  • Service fees increase with the number of copies of the software deployed.
  • "Emergency Rates' are another way service providers charge more than quoted rates. One such example is 'normal rates' from 10-5 EST and higher (undisclosed) rates at all other times, especially over weekends and holidays.
  • At least one provider of 'web-based software' claims "No annual service fees!" and 'Free service!" while charging $150 every month and shutting down the software if fees aren't paid.
  • Lastly, most vendors have punishments in place if fees aren't paid, ranging from denying support in all forms to withholding (important and necessary) software updates.

BCSS Support Policies

Best Consignment Shop Software is known for it's fair and equitable software-ownership provisions. In addition to granting ownership and resale rights, BCSS is proud to set itself apart from industry standards.

  • First and foremost, there are no annual support fees.
  • There are no consequences if annual fees aren't paid (because there are no fees).
  • Software updates are free and unconditional.
  • Phone/remote support is provided by independent contractors with years of IT experience and at very reasonable rates (about half that of local assistance).
  • Support personnel are also proficient in Windows, QuickBooks and various makes and models of hardware.