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Bookkeeping is made simple and economical with the #1 software for consignment, resale, retail and rental businesses. Make one payment for lifetime use. No endless fees.

Consignment Bookkeeping

Consignment is one of those types of businesses with enough complexity to make business management nearly impossible without computerization.

In our 18 years we've heard prospective clients tell us of the hours they've spent trying to avoid 'technology', ranging from doing everything by hand (including writing price labs and hang tags, looking up items in written lists, printing sales receipts at POS). On the other hand those who took the leap into the electronic world might rather close their stores today than revert to running a shop without a computer. As one lady said, "I may as well have gotten a job at Home Depot. I would have made more money, had good benefits and worked way fewer hours."

One level up we've had many a call from shop owners giving up on trying to manage their businesses with spreadsheets which only supplanted the written lists of inventory. The tasks still remained of label and receipt printing, sales processing, reporting and so on.

Bookkeeping Software

Those who can use a cell phone or a TV remote control can make consignment software their slave. It's easy but like a bicycle with a learning curve minus the scraps and bruises.

Consignment software is 'plug and play' but it's the next best thing:

Bookkeeping Made Easy

Consignment does require some understanding to make best use of the software. Of course ownership of consignments remains with the consignors and payment is made after sales are processed.

A sophisticated program like Best Consignment Shop Software manages all aspects of consignment including variable payouts per consignor, discounting inventory every which way possible and streamlining the whole process from inventory in to sales out.

Settlement usually takes place a month after sales are made - to allow time for changes like refunds, returns, trades, etc. (A setting can be made in the program to not settle accounts where amounts owed are under a set amount.)

Payouts of course are typically made at the time of settlement and may be by check, cash, store credit or even to PayPal accounts. (A bonus % can be auto-applied by the program for patrons who settle for store credit, keeping money in the store, reducing payout efforts and encouraging those with credit to return to make purchases, thereby increasing sales.)

Bookkeeping Reports

Reports are of course critical to knowing what's going on at any point in the process of running a business and making a profit.

Best Consignment Software includes over 300 reports. Some of the most important reports are right on top and display with one press of a key, like F8 for inventory entered today,F9 for today's recap, F10 for today's sales and F11 for daily settlements.

The most frequently asked questions of consignment stores are, "What have I sold?" and "What's my balance?" Now there's a couple of ways to provide answers:

The live demo is available prior to purchase. Here's a video overview.

The Cost of Electronic Bookkeeping

If you see software programs online (or elsewhere) for $1,000 and up, run. That's only a down payment and despite representations to the contrary, those plans are loaded with plans for more future payments from you to the software provider who wasn't all that forthcoming pre-sale with the post-sale surprise charges.

Software providers have many years of experience trying this way and that to lure store owners into their snares. Not a criticism - Just an observation of an undeniable fact. Here's a glaring example: Pre sale a software salesman tells you the annual support fee is optional and leaves it at that without the due diligence of explaining the plans for forcing you to pay the annual support fee. (Otherwise, why would it be there?) If it's there you will pay it and if you don't you will be denied service until you do and if that doesn't do the trick, the unscrupulous vendor will withhold software updates to force payment.