Boutique Software

Specialized consignment/resale software for boutiques

Boutique Software for Consignment and Resale

The initial outlay for BCSS Boutique Software is lower because the price is not inflated with support payments.

There's only one payment for lifetime ownership.

The ongoing cost for BCSS can be 'zero' because there are no prepayments (optional or otherwise) for support.

'Can be zero' because if you never need help, you will not have paid for it and when you do need help (beyond the free introductory training) help is available ala carte at rates half that of local IT technicians. Our reps can help with other things as well, like Windows, networking, printers and other software programs.

Process buy-outright transactions, purchasing merchandise from individuals and suppliers for resale.

Manage consignments, keeping track of consignors, their items and sales, and paying them easily.

There are options for your boutique:

  • Passing credit-card costs on to consignors and/or buyers
  • Allowing your clients to view their account information online (instead of calls for "What did you sell for me?" and "How much do I have coming?"
  • Granting a bonus to consignors for settling for store credit (which keeps sales proceeds in the store, reduces payouts and encourages consignors to become shoppers)
  • Layaways
  • Preventing employees from accessing any part of the program, voiding sale and/or granting discounts at point of sale
  • linking multiple computers together to access the same database
  • Take and store pictures of more costly boutique items that can be recalled at POS to help avoid price-tag switching
  • Use a thermal label printer with higher editions of the boutique software for printing speicalized price labels and tags

For one low price Best Consignment Shop Software is the very best choice for running your boutique efficiently and profitably.

'One stop for your shop' for software, printers, cash drawers, receipt and label printers, bar-code scanners and... 'help'!