Convert CCE Software

BCSS is easy to learn as it is similar in design to CCE.

Replace CCE with Best Consignment Shop Software™

Best Consignment Shop Software has a layout that is similar to 'Consignment Success' so you're already familiar with where things are and how to use them.

Dissimilar to Hawkins and most consignment-software vendors, Best Consignment Shop Software does not charge an annual service fee. Moreover they don't play the 'optional annual support fee' game by withholding software updates if the 'optional fee' is not paid. Vendors put it a different way: "Free updates with paid annual support!" which is a sales slogan for 'if you don't pay the annual fee, we'll force you to pay it by withholding software updates and if that doesn't pry your money lose, you'll be denied support in any form'.

Best Consignment Shop Software is completely compatible with any hardware that was compatible with CCE.

Your current data can be converted for use in Best Consignment Shop Software. The conversion provides the opportunity to do away with old records in your new program. Existing data can also be saved in spreadsheets for reference and for print out.

The inherent risk of most consignment-software programs written by an individual (as CCE was) is that the 'author' or 'programmer' will one day no longer be available, as is the case with Mr. Hawkins passing away this past summer. Resaleworld and Best Consignment Shop Software are the only consignment-software programs available which are not reliant upon one person for future software support.

It is true that Hawkins had sold out to a couple in Boulder, CO who didn't hold it for long before passing it on to another mom-pop shop in Iowa which falsely insinuates that 'they' are Best Consignment Shop Software by advertising in Google as 'Best Consignment Shop Software Solution'.

A free live tutorial is available prior to purchase. Call 888-427-5779.

These are the questions to ask and things to know when looking for a replacement for 'Computer Consultants Exchange's' CCE program:

  • Did you write the program? If "yes" the same risk exists as did with CCE.
  • Do you hold yourself out to be a company? If so, how many people are employed by you? (You will need proof of this because conpro for one will lie about it.)
  • Are software updates free? If "yes", do I have to pay annual support fees to acquire the updates?
  • Do you have an annual or monthly support fee?
  • Are there additional fees for training?
  • Is training included in your repetitive fee? If so, what are the limitations?
  • If you are offering software on a lease, for how long is the lease payable? Is there any equity?
  • Do I have the right to resell your software? If "yes", what are the conditions?
    • Conpro will tell you that his software can be resold and will purposely avoid telling you that the software CANNOT be sold to just anyone. It can only be sold to a person buying your store AND continuing to use your business name, address and phone number, which rarely happens.
    • Resaleworld will determine that value of their software and charge the purchaser 50% in addition to what you are to be paid by the purchaser, effectively killing any chance of reselling their software.
  • Web-based programs never have any equity value.
  • How often have you raised prices in the past 5 years for software and hardware? How much?
  • How often have you raised prices for support? How much?
  • Do you practice anti-selection against your customers?
    • Wilson at Conpro reserves the right to 'fire' customers when he determines they (in his words) "cost you more than they earn you" and claimed in a public forum to have been taught this practice by a 'business school'.
    • Have your 'fired' customers in the past? If so, did you refund their money?
  • Do you bash your competitors on your website or on other websites?
  • Do you have a nondisparagement clause in your license agreement? How does it read? (Conpro threatens law suits and seeks damages of $3,500 per public comment made against him.)
  • On his website Wilson at Conpro warns buyers of software to not pay be means that are not reversible (cash, check, money order, etc) because there will be no recourse after purchase. At least one store owner in Houston will share her story about paying him in cash.
  • Have you extorted money from your customers in the past?
    • In 2009 Wilson at Conpro offered a 'free update' to a group of users who had elected to not pay his annual support fee. The update contained a planted bug which disabled their software days later. When approached he refused to remove the kill switch until one at a time, users agreed to pay the annual fee.

These facts are offered to you as a matter of disclosure. As you may discover for yourself, the people selling competing consignment-software programs will not be forthcoming and may be misleading about what to expect after the 30-day money-back period has expired.