Software Features and Demos

    • Consignment: Sell clothing for others.
    • Buy Outright: Sell your clothes.
    • Retail: Sell merchandise from suppliers.
    • Rent floor space and formal wear.
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Tracking and Reselling Clothing Inventory

Best Consignment Shop Software processes consignment, resale, retail, rental and layaway.

Consignment differs from resale in several ways:

Resale Software Features

A good resale program will have features for minimizing data entry. BCSS can import inventory and client records that are already in spreadsheet form. Otherwise clothing items can be entered in an input screen and price labels can be printed at the time or later. For lots of items, data-entry clerks can enter items on spreadsheets and send those to the store for import.

Price hang tags and labels can be printed from sheets using an ink printer or they can be printed from rolls using a thermal label printer. The tags and labels can have barcodes which can be scanned at POS for fast checkout. Barcodes can also be scanned in the program to locate an item record.

At POS an item can be entered in one of 5 ways:

Pictures of items can be taken, stored in the program and recalled at POS (to help avoid tag switching).

Receipts can be printed on plain paper or on rolls of thermal paper using a thermal receipt printer. Stores with 'no-return policies' can save quite a bit by not printing receipts.

Clients who opted to be paid for sold items in store credit can use their store credit at POS to make purchases. If the amount of credit exceeds the amount of the sale, the latter is deducted from the store-credit balance and the balance remains. If the opposite is true, the store collects the difference.

Payment options at POS are store credit, credit/debit card, cash, check, gift certificate and PayPal.

Bolster Profits with Software

Use the software to build good will and repeat traffic by granting a bonus for store-credit settlement. There are several advantages:

Recover Credit-Card Costs

You've done a lot to make it possible for the people in your community to turn their unwanted belongings into cash: research, licenses, lease, utilities, help, software, hardware, equipment, supplies, labels, racks, shelves, insurance...

Enough already. Should you also be expected to pay all of the credit-card cost? After all, everyone involved benefits from the efforts you've made to make credit-card purchases possible: application, fees, commitment, administration. It's may not be too much to expect everyone (sellers, buyers) to pitch in infinitesimal amounts to help cover this cost.

How? Set a small % in the resale software to be deducted from credit-card sales only. (The deduction won't apply to other forms of purchases like cash and check.) Set another small percentage (where allowed by law) to be added to sales purchased by credit card. If consignors chip in 1.5% and sellers add 1.5% that's 3% per month every month in literal additional income to you. Yes, you'll have the challenge of getting everyone on board and for those who would rather walk away than participate, exclude them individually within the program.

There is a 3rd option included in the optional bundle: Set a % to be deducted from all sales prior to applying consignor splits. ('Buyer Fee').

These three options are available separately in the program for $19.95/mo and that too can be passed on to sellers and buyers.

BCSS Software Demonstrations

    • Get a live demo on your computer. A representative can install and demonstrate the software on your PC.
    • Look first? BCSS Demo.
    • A video overview: BCSS Basics.
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