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Consignment Software Pricing Review

Consignment Software Reviews has straight talk on finding good consignment software programs and hardware with great savings and very favorable terms:


  • Great software for well under $1,000
  • No annual service fees
  • No post-purchase fees or hidden costs
  • Free software updates and data backup (Important!)
  • Low-cost software copies
  • Liberal upgrade provisions
  • No sales tax (except TX)
  • Immediate delivery


  • Brand new, low pricing, free DOA replacement and extended warranties
  • Cables, CDs and 2-day shipping
  • Next-Business-Day replacement
  • No sales tax (except TX) or shipping charges!


  • Free help with software and hardware setup and training
  • Free lifetime help with software and hardware

Consignment Software Reviews makes choosing software as easy as you might have hoped. No sales talk - just a straight line to the best prices, products and service providers.

Common Deceptive Practices

Most software vendors will give the impression pre sale that you will have the option of making one payment. The most common tactic is to claim that their annual support fee is 'optional' without explaining that if the payment is not made, service in all forms will be denied and if that doesn't force payment, software updates (which are necessary) will be denied. If any vendor insinuates that any product or service will be available without payment, ask of the consequences and get it in writing (an email) and use that to get your money back when you discover the truth after the money-back period.

If you can speak to the person who wrote the program, you're speaking to a one-man show and when he's out of the picture, support for the software will go with him and you'll end up paying for and learning another program, getting your data transferred and facing making the same mistake again. Ask to speak to 'the programmer' and if that is possible, move on.