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Illustrated instructions are available in the manual (F1) under Consignors.

Add a New Consignor

To add a new consignor, select 'New Consignor' from the Consignor's Menu (or press F2).

Use the Consignor's last name (and initials if necessary) for the Consignor ID (to make sorting of Consignor Records logical and to make ownership of inventory items easy to determine).

Complete as much information as desired. Check whether to send mailings and/or sales reports. Set a different Consignor % if applicable (in decimal form, 1 = 100%; .4 = 40%) and choose how to dispose of unsold items.

Multiple copies of the Consignment Agreement may be printed.

Click OK to enter the new Consignor into the database.

If entering more than one consignor, use the Save and Continue button.

User Text
(This feature is available in BCSS Deluxe™ and Diamond.)

Any 'string of characters' may be entered as 'User Text' to uniquely identify (and later find) a consignor or group consignors. Spaces are ok but commas and apostrophes will be removed by BCSS.

For example, enter 'best' in the User-Text field for your 'best Consignors'. Later on create a Report and use 'best' as the 'search word'.

User Date

Enter a date in the consignor record and use the date in the same way to tag (flag, mark) customers' records. For example, if you want to contact 6 people on September 1st, enter that date in the User-Date Field in each customers' record then create a report on or before that date using September 1st in the User-Date search.

Requested Space relates to Mall Floor Space Rental. (See Manual, F1)

Edit a Consignor

Double-click on a Consignor to open the Consignor Edit Screen. Make changes and Click OK.