BCSS™ Business Checks

Get checks from your bank with engraved security measures.

Print 1-Per-Page or 3-Per-Page Checks with BCSS

BCSS Checks may be printed 1-per-page or 3-per-page, often eliminating the need for another software program for check printing.

Order checks from your bank so security measures against check fraud will be included.

Checks may be printed for anyone for any reason but with consignment software, checks are most often printed as a way of paying consignors for their share of consignments sold.

In BCSS, check disbursement records are created when the payment method for a settlement is by check, then checks may be printed one at a time or in batch.

A new feature allows settlements to be 'previewed' without being printed, lending the opportunity to check for correctness before checks are printed.

3 Checks Per Page

Checks may be printed 'in batch' with 3 checks being printed per sheet of checks. Although several checks can be printed at once, it might be advisable to print 1 or 2 sheets at a time to avoid losing checks to out-of-ink runs, paper jams, in smears, etc.

When using 3 voucher checks per page, one check may be printed by feeding a whole or partial sheet of checks into the printer and printing the selected disbursement.

1 Check Per Page

BCSS prints the check and can print the settled items on the voucher portion of the sheet.