Consignment Inventory Software

Software for Tracking Consignor's Merchandise

Consignment Shop Inventory Software can be used to keep track of your consignors' merchandise as well as your own resale and retail stock.

With Best Consignment Shop Software you can:

  • Enter inventory in batch or import from spreadsheets.
  • Automatically assign a barcode to each item.
  • Print adhesive price labels and non-adhesive hang tags with these options: barcodes, date in, discount-price schedule, shop name, User-Defined Groups and unsold codes (for destroy, donate, return).
  • Find inventory records by scanning barcodes.
  • Enter sales quickly at POS by scanning barcodes.
  • Use barcodes to donate, return or transfer unsold goods to shop ownership.
  • Produce detailed reports for any period of time for specific inventory or groups of merchandise (like categories, sales, stock, etc.)
  • Export inventory data to be used in other programs.
  • Batch process tasks like changing the consignor % for one consignor for things sold and not settled.
  • Discount unsold inventory with preset discount schedules.
  • Apply different discount schedules to different categories of inventory.
  • Move records of sold inventory to 'storage'.

Software for Tracking Your Own Consignments

Consignment Sales Tracking Software can be used to manage your consignments in various locations - local or worldwide, online and off.

With Consignment Sales Tracking Software you can:

  • Know the exact locations of all pieces.
  • Know the prices and quantities of all inventory.
  • Know when to restock inventory.
  • Transfer inventory from one reseller to another.
  • Adjust price 'on the fly'.
  • Record payments for consignments as 'sales'.
  • Sell inventory not assigned to resellers.
  • Sell items for other people or businesses for a commission. (Estate sales, close outs, overruns...)
  • Settle with resellers (and consignors if reselling their merchandise).
  • Compute profits.
  • Track sales tax.
  • Generate reports.

Please email us if you would like to be notified when this feature becomes available. Meanwhile please download and install the current demo of Best Consignment Software by clicking on this button: