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Consignment Sales Software

Best Consignment Shop Software provides unique features for conducting kids consignment or resale seasonal sales.

'Consignment' of course is the selling of others' children's (infant, toddler, youth) clothing, furniture and 'stuff'. Thrift shops can be included in this type of transaction.

Resale more often refers to purchasing children's merchandise outright from others and reselling it.

Other 'retail' opportunities are possible, like purchasing kids-related items from suppliers (as opposed to individuals).

For all 3 types of transactions, Best Consignment Shop Software will keep track of inventory, process the sale of such items at POS and calculate consignor/store shares, profit and loss, for each item and for any chosen date range.

Consignment sales for little ones always involved a large number of items, nearly necessitating implementation of a 'Windows network' connecting multiple computers for POS (point of sale) checkout.

In addition a unique feature of Best Consignment Shop Software is multiple invoices - more than one can be open at the same time so if the person checking out wants to put the purchase on hold to look for other things, another invoice can be opened for the next person in line.

Another unique feature of Best Consignment Shop Software is sales based upon time periods and/or categories. For example, all kids clothing in a designated category could be discounted for that category only. All sales can be discounted for a stipulated period of time.

Contracts are typically not used as seasonal sales but in the event that one is needed, an editable agreement resides in the program. It can include definitions, meanings, processes and procedures on both side of the consignment agreement.

At the end of it all, the program produces a settlement function with payouts by cash, check, PayPal and store credit. Accounting reports are available per client and/or for a period of time.

The strongest objection to most 'children's sales software' is the repetitive cost. Best Consignment Shop Software is one payment for life-time use - by the person who purchases the software. Businesses conducting seasonal sales save considerably by owning the software (and hardware) for repeated use. There are no ongoing fees with Best Consignment Software but yet support is available when needed at rates well below local IT fees.

In order for a one-time or occasional sale to go smoothly, it must be planned well in advance and all equipment and software must be installed and tested thoroughly long before the planned date. We understand that you may have local talent available which may be perfectly suited for this purpose but regardless, we stand ready to assure that you will be prepared for the event.

'Reliability' is rule #1 at childrens sales events. These uncertainties are no-no's:

  • Weaker laptops. The strongest computer of the bunch will be the host computer or 'server' hosting the software database. Wait times in part will be determined by the horsepower at each check-out station.
  • Wireless networks are completely fragile and unreliable. If it's not possible to run cat6 or 7 Ethernet cables from each computer to a (central) router, we won't provide software for the sale.
  • Weak routers, hubs and modems. A dual-band 3GB router must be used to enhance reliability.
  • Web-based software has too many dependencies: Your Internet connection; the server hosting the sale (Where is it? Who controls/owns it? What security measures do it have?); the server's connection to the Internet.

With Virtual consignors/vendors can view their information online. Imagine the time saved no having to answer all those phone calls! They can add inventory which can be downloaded to BCSS on the server.

Please download and install the current demo of Best Consignment Software by clicking on this button: