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If you're considering opening a consignment shop, a solid business plan will include wise decisions about how to spend investment capital.

You'll want to avoid programs offering 'annual support plans' - especially the ones claiming to be optional because if they were in fact 'optional' why would they exist in the first place?

You'll want to avoid the 'free hook'. One way or another 'these people' are on the Internet appealing to you for a reason: money. It should be clear who will be ponying up.

Almost every software vendor hopes to garner endless payments from you for your decision to choose his software for your shop. Think of it as money lost for not seeing it coming. A little bit of homework before making your decision will determine if you spend $400 for software over the next 10 years, or $4,000. Seriously, no joke. Software vendors are mostly individuals who happen to be 'programmers' with dreams of retiring early on the backs of consignment-shop owners. If that sounds like an outrageous exaggeration by a demagogue, a good education will soon evaporate that notion.

Fees are the objective. Be assured that software vendors do not use their websites to disclose fees but to hide them. Don't expect full disclosure of fees when you speak to or email a sales rep. If you don't know the right questions to ask, they won't get asked and you won't have fair and full disclosure of fees before making your purchasing decision. This is by design and it is widely practiced because every person who is victimized by it takes it and won't do anything about it. You're next.

The definition of your future business partner for consignment software and hardware is a company that comes to you with transparency - not at you with nefarious plans for syphoning off your store profits.

Look for a provider that offers 'one-time payments, no monthly or annual fees, free live demo, free training videos and illustrated user's guide'.

There is only one app fitting that definition: Best Consignment Shop Software.

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