Consignment Software Resale Rights and Provisions

Most software vendors sell a usage license with no ownership rights. BCSS can be resold to anyone without restrictions, giving purchasers of the software opportunity to recover some of the cost of the software.

Upon purchase of a copy of the software, that copy is registered in the name of the purchaser and that person 'owns' the copy just as we do with cars and homes. Upon sale of the software, the seller relinquishes all rights of ownership and usage of the software.

Consummating the transaction, the seller pays a $50 transfer fee and the buyer registers the software ($149). Because the buyer will not have paid full price to BCSS for the software, he or she will pay $125 per year for 2 years starting with the 2nd year (for software maintenance).

The software can be sold to anyone who is willing to purchase it. This differs from other vendors who place restrictions on the sale, like 'the software can only be sold to the person buying the store and the buyer must continue to use the same business name, address and phone number. This allows the vendor to lie about resale rights prepurchase but simply saying "Yes." when asked if his software can be sold. (See who plays this game.)

Another vendor (See who) apparently doesn't explain pre-sale (other than on a hard-to-find subpage on the website) that the software can be transferred to another user but the vendor will assess a '50% commission based upon the value the vendor determines the software to be worth at the time of the transfer of ownership' so if the vendor decides the value is $1,000 (current price) the 'commission' is $500 so if the program is 'sold' for $500 the seller gets nothing. Cute. Here again, those selling this program via phone conversations are quick to point out that the software can be resold while purposely avoiding disclosing the gotcha.

Of course web-based programs have no equity so all those high monthly payments will have served nothing more than to transfer a good bit of money from the shop owner's bank account to the vendor's bank account.

Interesting the same vendor posts this (dated 10-10-15):


Excellent idea: Talk to their salesperson and ask her what she thinks of BCSS. So much for 'nondisparagement'. If you would like to see some back peddling, ask her to put her comments in an email to you.

Then ask her if their software can be resold and we'll see who is 'misleading'.

"Consider the Source": Absolutely. Consider that the vendors mentioned above charge well over $1,000 up front and play games about their annual support fees.

Note that even with the extremely high prices, 'training' is excluded from their annual support plans. You'll have to dig through website subpages to find that one as well - or just ask and see if your question gets dodged.

Consider the Source!