Data Backup Planning

Plan for the inevitable down time.

Software and hardware are far from perfect so be prepared when something goes ding.

Consignment Store Planning - Emergency Procedures

Having a plan for keeping business running keeps profits flowing when the inevitable happens.

The Problem with Computers

A few years from now the next generation will be scoffing at how barbaric our computer systems were 'back in the day'. They'll marvel at how unreliable computers, the Internet and software were and how we managed to make a profit with our rudimentary tools.

Through into today's mix the software vendor who tries telling us that buying his software will resolve all computer-related issues.

The fact is that some very talented people with good business plans, personalities right for sales, great locations and advertising campaigns, and super client potential fail because they 'computerize' with no preparation to keep the boat moving upstream when the motor conks out.

Hard drives and motherboards fail. Databases outgrow computer resources. Employees (and store owners) make lots of boo boos (like no surge protection, leaving computers plugged in overnight - even during storm season), but the most prevalent cause of down time, slowness, 'crashes' and unexpected behavior is experienced on computers with free or poor or nonexistent protection against spyware, malware, viruses, trojans and every malicious tool aimed at capitalism.

The Problem with Computer Down Time

The most prevalent mistake made by store owners is failure to plan for unavoidable system failure. Some operators leave themselves with no options, claiming they've had to close the door and turn customers away because they couldn't ring up a sale. Goodness! How did we ever function before Microsoft?

Preparedness for down time is as logical and necessary as a school fire drill. When the computer goes ding - when the power goes out - when poor planning catches up with fate - how does a store keep on keeping on?

Everything from fighter jets to football teams have redundant systems so when one goes kablooey, the end objective remains in sight. "Plan your work, and work your plan." How will your profits continue to roll when the lights go out?

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