Georgia Consignment Software

A special program for Georgians

Software for Georgia Consignment Resale Shops

Payment for Best Consignment Shop Software is once with no ongoing prepayments fees for support.

The initial cost of BCSS is way lower than that of other programs because price hasn't been pumped up with prepayments for support and 'training'. Instead, training videos and a well-illustrated users' guide provide optional free forms of support and a free live demo is available (prior to purchase) to assure that the program does all that is needed and works properly on computers that it will be installed on. That way there's no money out of pocket before determining that the program is right for your business.

The are no fixed recurring monthly or annual payments for support. Instead, support is provided when requested, at rates about half that of local computer techs.

Software updates are free. Most software vendors use updates as a means of forcing payment for their annual support plans saying "Free software updated with paid annual support!". Said another way: "No paid annual support, no software updates."

It's also necessary to read the fine print because most annual support plans exclude lots of things, like training, help with networks, Windows, computers, viruses, hardware issues... It's a good idea to ask a software vendor to put every possible fee in writing (prior to purchase) and when those hidden fees start popping up after the 30-day money-back period, there will be grounds for a refund.

We do things much differently here at Best Consignment Shop Software. Prices are fair and you'll be treated fairly. There will be no cost surprises after purchase.

With that said, there are optional modules that can be purchased separately like having your clients view their account information online and passing some or all of your credit-card cost on to clients.

BCSS has been in business since 2002 so if you're wanting references, don't ask our competitors because we make them look bad ;;

The BBB and Facebook don't have fake reviews like most review sites.

Feel free to call: 888-427-5779.

Happy Georgia Clients:

  • Doodlebugs Athens, 163 Windy Hill Place, Athens, GA, 706-286-2268
  • Young Gun's Clothing, 100 Athenstown Blvd, Athens, Georgia, 706-308-0259
  • Crafted With Hands And Heart, 107 W Barnard St, Glennville, GA, 912-654-0090
  • Top Notch Consignment, 118 Blue Ridge DR, McCaysville, GA, 706-964-2520
  • The Dusty Rose, 121 Shadowood Ln, Peachtree City, Georgia, 678-545-6023
  • Fine Consignments, 7092 Hodgson Memorial Drive, Savannah, GA, 912-354-2599
  • Deja Vu Upscale, 3590 Old Atlanta Road 201, Suwanee, GA, 678-551-8798