Consignment Software New York

A special program for New Yorkers

Consignment Software for New York

All editions of Best Consignment Shop Software have two configurable tax fields to accommodate various state and local laws regarding sales tax.

The State of New York stipulates, "Clothing, footwear and items used to make or repair exempt clothing selling for less than $110 per item or pair are exempt from the New York State 4% sales tax" as well as other applicable local taxes. (details)

With BCSS it is also possible to create specific categories of items (like clothing) and apply a tax rate to each category.

Each category can be discounted according to its own schedule, can be 'tax free' or 'tax at or tax' above a stipulated dollar value.

A different consignor % can be assigned to any category.

Best Consignment Shop Software is tiered in features and price so shops just starting out and small operations have options vs 'one size fits all'.

Unlike most software offerings there is no prepayment for support which is a primary reason for the (much) lower initial cost.

Ongoing costs can be nonexistent as well because software updates are free and there are no monthly or annual support fees. Heads up: Any software vendor touting support fees as 'optional' has strategies in place to force enrollment in the support plan, including withholding of software updates and denying service is all forms.

There's much to do in any start-up operation and slaving over which software to buy shouldn't be such a difficult task but with so much sales hype masking after-purchase costs, make this a much simpler effort by downloading the free demo (to make sure the program does all that is needed and to assure that it works properly on your computer(s) and save a lot of money!

Please feel free to call if you need help or just have questions, 888-427-5779.