Free Software Demo

Several BCSS™ users run their stores with just one helper - their computer.

Consignment Software Simplified

"Kim is SO excited about the new version! She loves the layout and the new features."

How long to learn BCSS™?
less than
1 Cup!

"I love the new design! It's easy to understand and navigate. Haven't even had to open the manual!"

8 Easy Steps from Check In to Pay Out with BCSS™

1. Add a Consignor. (F2 key)

If applicable, change the consignor % and check options to send mailing and sales reports. Print a crisp impressive Agreement in duplicate, now or later.

2. Add Inventory (F3)

Add 1 item or several in batch.
Different consignor % for each if needed
Discount by Age, Category, Consignor.

3. Print Price Tags

One or several labels for the same item
Sheets or Thermal labels with/without bar codes
Select from a variety of label sizes.
Adhesive and Nonadhesive

4. Make a Sale (F6)

Sell rentals. Buy outright. Rent floor space.
Use House Accounts to sell shop items.
Multiple discounts and payment methods
Consignor or Employee Credit Sales
Layaways | Split Payments

5. Process a Settlement (F7)

Settle 1 or several.
Settle for cash, check, store credit or gift certificate.

6. Pay the Consignor

Pay one consignor, a few or all.
Pay by check, cash, store credit or gift certificate.

7. View Reports

Easy Access to any information stored in BCSS™
Total Sales, Tax Collected, Owed to Consignors, etc.
Primary reports with one click

8. Your coffee is still warm.

Wrap things up. Go home.
Time for family and friends with a less-stressed you...

A great consignment software app in your hands will greatly increase productivity, save time and increase profits.

If you've been doing things by hand, you know how time consuming just tagging items is. Imagine the entire consignment process from check in to pay out fully automated.

Try the demo for free for two weeks to see if it works for you. Intro™ has a built-in training panel that you can view while using the program, so you can see instructions as you work.

Click on the link below to download and install the demo. Pay close attention to the instructions on the download page.