Bonus Offers

With your purchase of BCSS you get much more than software and service. You become a member of the BCSS network with unique and valuable benefits!

Free Consignment Services and Resources

Buy BCSS now, sell it later, and keep these free gifts and savings:

Free Thermal Price Labels - 10 rolls of 400 labels each: jewelry tags, hang tags and adhesive tags (U.S. only)

A Free Listing in our exclusive Consignment Shops n Stores Directory which appears atop Google searches for 'consignment shops [your state]'. (Try it.) 170,000 people per year view it. Some of them will become your patrons. This benefit alone offsets the net cost of BCSS.

Free Data Storage - Every day at a time set by you the program will send your data files to a local location of your choosing. (Other vendors charge ~$70/yr for 'online data storage' and put your clients' personal information 'out there on the web' where it can be hacked. If you must have online data storage, Google may be more trustworthy, providing up to 25GB of storage free via a Gmail account.)

Free Setup - We can log into your computer, install the software and provide 30 minutes of help getting started - for free! (except Intro) For a free phone session call Joy Archer, Office: 972-898-7921,

Free Support - 'how to' questions answered immediately (by pressing F1 in the program).

Software Updates are free and unconditional. Unlike others, we don't deny software updates if annual service fees aren't paid - because there are no annual support fees!

No Add-On Fees for cables, hardware installation CDs, videos or manuals.

No Sales Tax (except Texas)

Other Offers:

Free Anti-Virus There is no adequate coverage provided by 'free anti-virus software'. This is one corner that must not be cut. Download a free trial of the best anti-virus: ESET.

Free Open Office Suite similar to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Access) from

Free PDF Printer Driver: PDF Creator

Free Zip (Compression) Software from 7 Zip

Free Photo Editing Software from GIMP, or use MS Paint provided by Microsoft and resident on most Windows computers.

Free Photo Gallery from Microsoft >Windows Live - Take photos of inventory. Post them on the Internet. Send the URLs to customers.

We value your business and we will give it all we've got to earn it!