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Illustrated instructions are available in the manual (F1) under Inventory.

Note: Before inventory can be added, first add a Consignor.

Add New Inventory

Press F3.

Select a Consignor and click OK. The New-Item Screen will open with the Consignor's ID auto-entered.

If part or all of the consignor's last name was used as the ID, that will appear in the ID field. Using part or all of the consignor's last name will help identify ownership later when viewing an Item ID.

The number appearing in the Item Number field will be appended by BCSS to the Consignor ID to form the Item ID. If Smith was used as the Consignor ID, the first item entered for Smith will be one and the Item ID for that item will be Smith-1.

Label Description - This description appears on the Price Tag. Space on the label is limited to 20 characters so make the description as descriptive as possible.

Select a Category. If the selected category has been associated by User-Defined Groups (See Manual, Inventory, User-Defined Groups), selecting the category will change the names of the fields 'User-Defined Inventory Group' to the Group-Defined Names . Use the drop-down arrows in each box to select appropriate options.

Enter up to 100 characters in the Details Field. This description will appear on Detailed Labels and Detailed Inventory Reports.

Change the Consignor % (in decimal form) if necessary. (The default is .40 (40%).)

Enter Selling Price.

Click on New Picture and navigate to the location (on the computer) of the picture to add a picture of the item to the Item Record.

Select a Sales Location (Store #1, #2, Downtown, etc.) if applicable.

Press Cancel to clear the entry or Press OK to save the Record.

To view the newly-added item, use the Scroll Button on the List Screen to scroll down to the last Entry in the Inventory List:

Edit Inventory

Please note: The Inventory ID can only be edited on the Batch Edit screen. This makes it easy to see other IDs and avoid using a duplicate ID. Select Inventory from the Work Area Menu

Click on the Item to be edited. The line will turn dark blue to indicate that the item has been selected.

Select Edit Item from the Inventory Menu.

Click on the Notes Tab at the top to add notes if desired.

To add a picture of the item, click then navigate to the location of the picture and select it.

Make any changes on the General Screen and click OK to saves changes.

Batch Inventory Edit

Use Batch Edit to change values for more than one Inventory Item.

Select Inventory from the Work Areas Menu:

Select Batch Item Edit from the Inventory Menu:

On the subsequent screen, click on any cell and enter new information. (Some cells provide drop-down menus for quick selection.)

When finished, click OK to save changes.