Marijuana Consignment and Resale Software

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Best Consignment Shop Software has four levels of features and price for MMJ compliance reporting, selling and tracking inventory, ranging from a simple POS sales processing application ($295 once) to software with online capabilities for dealers ($795 once + monthly server rental of $25). All payments are once for lifetime use. There are no prepayments for support and no ongoing monthly or annual payments for support.

Heads up: Software vendors with 'optional' annual support plans will force payment of the 'optional fees' by withholding support in any form and denying (essential) software updates.

What Is Marijuana Consignment?

Patients place cannabis products with medical marijuana dispensaries which are responsible for the safe-keeping and sale of the consignments. Ownership of consigned inventory remains with providers and payment is made to suppliers after sales are made (settlement). Unsold product can be automatically discounted over time to encourage purchases.

Consignment Software

Sophisticated applications providing integrates scales, real-time reporting, mobility and other advanced features can cost $300 per month. Such programs are hosted on computers that are not controlled by dispensaries. That dependency can have disastrous consequences when the 'system goes down'. (story)

The expense of web-based programs is immense. Payments never end and they are subject to increase over time. Once a business becomes heavily invested, switching to a different program to save money becomes impractical so the future cost of a purchasing decision is critical. Are fees increased with the number of users? Number of locations? Any other reasons?

A simplified program like Best Consignment Shop Software provides the essentials of consignment: tracking consignors and their inventory, printing agreements, printing price labels (with barcodes), processing sales (POS) and settlements, and producing reports.

The program installs on dispensary computers so it and the data remain in the possession of and under the control and supervision of store owners. Downtime can be held to a minimum if not avoided altogether with rigorous data management (below) and commercial-grade equipment. Security can be achieved with adequate protection and user practices.

Resale Software

Best Consignment Software can track and sell inventory purchased from individuals. Buy and sell prices are recorded and profit/loss is computed per item for any period of time.

Program and Data Control

No provider of web-based software can assure data preservation because they themselves are dependent upon 3rd-party web hosts and software programs for reliability and protection.

One vendor of cloud-based software suggests that a web-based program should have an option to resort to an "offline mode feature that allows operations to continue during internet outages, and system crashes" which begs the question, "Why spend thousands of dollars on a system that is vulnerable to the outside risks of outages and crashes?".

Installing software on a local computer allows stores to run their businesses without Internet dependency. Fully all computers on the store network could be disconnected from the Internet completely assuring no viral infections, data leaks or hacks.

Locally-installed software also places data possession and control in the hands of business owners.

Data Preservation

Redundant daily (or more frequent) backup of data is paramount. Best Consignment Software forces a daily backup to a local external drive at a time set in Program Setup. Windows 10 provides System Restore (image backup of files), File History (multiple backups of files) and OneDrive (backup to the cloud). Windows' Task Scheduler can also be configured to create backups at intervals throughout the day - so plenty of control over data.

Extensive protection from malware, theft and data leaks is available from ESET's Safetica for hosting BCSS and its data on a local computer (server). Safetica...

  1. ...keeps key data secure. Employees can’t take important information to a competitor or start their own businesses.
  2. ...prevents important files from getting into the wrong hands, either inside or outside the company, and warns management of potential dangers.
  3. ...can detect socially engineered attacks and blackmail attempts at the initial stages, preventing them from damaging your company.
  4. ...protects laptops and flash drives, making discs or selected files encrypted and unreadable if stolen.

Software Customization

The program is 'customizable' in that features may be added upon request (and payment). The cost of software changes in very nominal (compared to industry norms) in part because improvements become part of the program and are made available to current and future clients.

Best Consignment Shop Software provides a free live demo prior to purchase to assure that all needed features are available and that the software works properly. The demo can be performed remotely. Here's a video overview.

POS Systems Cost

Many vendors of POS systems will take more money from shops over time from 'support fees' than they will from the initial purchases of the systems.

Websites should be used to disclose important information and 'cost' is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a system, yet we haven't see a website yet with every possible cost prominently displayed on a home page - with the exception of Best Consignment Shop Software which has no post-sale support fees.

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