Changes in the Main Tables in BCSS

The 'grid component' (a separate piece of software incorporated into BCSS) has been replaced with newer technology. The search boxes have been replaced by 'touch search' and switching between work areas will now be nearly instantaneous.

With the new grid:

1. The search boxes have been removed. To search for an ID, click on any ID in the table then type the first number or letter of the ID. If that doesn't find the correct listing, type the next number or letter of the ID. To search for a name, click in the name column and type the first letter (or two or three) of the name sought.

1a. In the inventory work area, the search box remains. Click in the box and scan a barcode to find the item.

2. Search order has been changed from 1,10,2 to 1,2,10. If there is a mixture of letters and numbers in the same column, the numbers will still sort as text, ie, 1,10,2.

3. The search options are:

a) Search by the first letter/number only. Example: Looking for consignor Payton: Click in the Name column and press p. The cursor will go to the first name starting with p. Then press a. The cursor will go to the next name starting with pa. Continue to press keys until the name is found. To search by first letter or number, in program setup on the general tab, check 'Search by first letter/number only'.

b) Search by any letter or number string. Example: With names entered as last/first, looking for 'George', listed as Jones, George - Type 'eor' to find the first match (George). In program setup, on the General tab, the option on the general tab for 'Search by first letter/number only' should be unchecked.

The 'X' to close the sales screen has been disabled. Please use Terminate Session to close the screen.

Each work area will take some time to load the first time it is accessed. After that, each work area will open quickly. When BCSS is restarted, each work area will need to load again.