Employees at POS

Management tools for reducing risk at POS

Consignment POS Employee Management

Controlling Risk at POS

In Best Consignment Shop Software each employee can be allowed or denied access to very specific parts of the program

For employee software access is divided into 3 general areas with sub sets:

  • Point of Sale: Sales Work Area, Sales Reports, C and E Credit Sale, Void Sale, Credit Memo, Open Cash Drawer, Bounce Check and Give Discount
  • Back Office: Inventory Work Area. Customer Work Area. Batch Entry. Batch Edit. Batch Delete. Inventory Reports. Customer Reports. Promotions. Categories. Backup and Export.
  • Management: Consignor Work Area, Disbursements, Employee Work Area, Resources, Settlements Work Area and Batch Settlements.

Store owners and employees can log in and out of the sales invoice.

To reduce loss by mistakes, the program computes change due for cash transactions. When a credit card is chosen as the payment method, the amount of the sale is auto entered as the amount of payment to avoid key-entry mistakes.

Warnings are issued by the program if the user attempts to:

  • finalize a sale without entering a payment
  • enter a payment amount less than the purchase amount
  • add a duplicate item to the sales invoice
  • close the sales screen with unsaved invoices
  • delete a client record

Each employee can have his or her own cash-drawer tray which can be audited at any time to assure the drawer contents equals transactions processed by the employee.

A commission schedule can be configured for each employee. Four levels of gross sales are available to allow higher commissions for higher sales volumes. The commission amount can be a dollar value or percentage.

Employees can sell their own items and receive most of the sales proceeds. They can be paid in store credit and the credit can be used to make purchases. They can be granted debits against future commissions.

Quick links are provided to produce reports of daily sales for the month or year and daily sales for the month or year by category.

Pressing F10 (Today Sold) or Sales Today (menu on the right) while viewing the program produces a report of sales for the day, items sold and by whom.