Consignment POS

Special POS series for consignment and resale shops

POS Receipts

Sales receipts can be printed at the point of sale on a full sheet in Excel format using an ink printer, or they can be printed on 3" paper using a thermal printer.

Full-Page Sales Receipts

Shops just starting out and small businesses can use an inexpensive ink printer (bubblejet, inkjet, LaserJet) and 8.5 x 11 paper to print a POS sales receipt. The printed page is in Excel-invoice format and looks 'professional'. Only required information is printed (shop name and address, date, invoice #, items purchased, costs, totals with tax) so ink isn't wasted on logos and unnecessary print.

Thermal Sales Receipts

Larger shops and those wishing to present a more sophisticated image might use a thermal receipt printer at POS, particularly when selling retail items (that could be returned) or a combination of new and used merchandise.

A thermal receipt printer uses heat to burn characters onto 3"-wide thermal receipt paper and does not use ink. Thousands of receipts can be printed before having to replace the print head.

Are Receipts Necessary?

Consignment and resale shops often have no-return policies which makes the printing of receipts somewhat unnecessary (because receipts can't be used to return items). In these situations where the buyer must have a receipt, the full-page receipt will suffice.

Otherwise a receipt could be hand written and sometimes the patron may be satisfied with the printout of the credit card transaction, if any.


Best Consignment Shop Software provides options when completing a POS sales invoice - to save the sale and not print a receipt, or save the sale and print a receipt.

Where full-sheet receipts are an option, opting to save the sale and print a receipt will present the full-page receipt in a print-preview window with an option to close the window or print the receipt.

If there is no receipt printer in use, the drawer can connect to the PC with an adapter cable (substituting for the printer). Normally the cash drawer open when a receipt is printed. In BCSS the drawer will open for check and cash payments, saving the annoyance of the drawer opening and having to be closed for card payments.