Combination Software Features

    • Retail, Resale and Consignment
    • Layaways and Rentals
    • POS Processing
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Retail Shop Software

in Best Shop Software 'retail' refers to the buying of merchandise from other businesses (suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers) and selling to the public and B2B.

Information about sources, customers and employees in recorded and can be used to manage affairs related to all. Data is available for export to be used in other programs and websites.

Inventory data is used for printing labels and tags with barcodes fro scanning at POS and to find items by barcode in the Inventory Work Area.

Barcodes can be scanned at POS or items can be chosen from a list of inventory. Item IDs may be entered and unlisted items can be added manually. A variety of discounts are available at the point of sale.

Any credit-card processing may be used as the program is not integrated with an exclusive provider.

Resale Shop Software

Resale in the program refers to the buying and selling of merchandise acquired from individuals. Seller information is recorded for historical reference. Payment is made at the time inventory changes hands. Buy and sell prices are recorded and the program will computer profit and loss per item or group of items for any time period.

Consignment Shop Software

A variety shop can increase inventory at no cost by accepting items belonging to others. The program includes an editable built-in agreement stipulating terms and conditions. Typically unsold inventory is discounted as time passes. The software includes discount schedules which can be applied to categories of inventory and applied automatically at set times and percentages. At POS the proceeds from each sold item is divided between the item owner and the shopkeeper. The percentage share can vary between consignors and inventory pieces.

Rental Software

Merchandise can be rented and tracked with the software. Any merchandise that lends itself to rental can be processed from DVDS and tuxedos to vehicles, tools and equipment.

The software features are basic: date out, date due, renter, amount of rent, late rentals.

The Diamond and Virtual editions of the application include a module for the renting of floor space, booths or display units. The mall operator can process sales at one or more POS stations and deduct rent from sales proceeds. A report is also available showing which vendors had insufficient sales to cover rent and the amounts of the shortages.