How to Send Large Files for Free Online

Free email services like Yahoo, Gmail and MSN often prevent the use of their services in sending large files - to save on bandwidth cost. If you have a fairly large database, don't even waste the time trying to send them via email.

When it becomes necessary to send your data files to tech support (or any large zip file to anyone else for that matter), the most reliable (and cheapest) way is using any of the free 'send-large-data-files-free' online services.

Here's how to send your file to BCSS/PPSS tech support:

  1. On the desktop, double click on My Computer.
  2. Double click on C:
  3. RIGHT click on the BCSS folder.
  4. Click on Send to.
  5. Select Compressed (zipped) folder.
  6. Windows will create a new file with a .zip extension. Type a name for the folder (like part/all of the store name). If Windows didn't give you a chance to type a name, right click on the file and choose Rename, then type a name for the file.

    To avoid wasting time, don't try to send the zipped folder to tech support using your email program. Most free programs won't allow the transmission of what they consider to be 'large files', so go to, a free service for sending large files.

  7. Click on the blue I-Agree button.
  8. Click on Add Files and 'point' to the zipped folder.
  9. Click on 'Friend's email' and enter
  10. Click on 'Your email' and enter your email address.
  11. Click on 'Message'.
  12. Type your name, shop name, reason for sending the files, including details of any error message.
  13. Press Transfer.

A confirmation will be sent to your email address either confirming that the files were sent successfully to tech support, or that the transmission failed (which seldom happens).

Keep these instructions for future reference. This method can be used to transfer files to anyone, anytime - free of charge.

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