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Process a Settlement with BCSS

Settlements can be made in batch. For tutorial purposes let's process a Settlement for One Consignor. It is one of the most common functions.

Press F7.

Check items to be settled. (Unchecked items will reappear the next time this Consignor is chosen.)

The total Settlement due is automatically calculated and entered. A Settlement # is auto-displayed in the Settlement # field.

Enter any additional amounts or deductions.

Enter notes for the Consignor and/or for the shop.

If the Payment Method is by Check, make appropriate adjustments for check amount(s).

Note: If you use QuickBooks with BCSS, always issue checks for settlements. QuickBooks does not recognize settlements for cash or store credit.

Click 'Save, Print, Exit' to print or 'Save and Exit' to save the transaction without printing.

In the background BCSS will make the necessary calculations and adjustments to accounts and prepare a check for printing (if the method of payment is by check).

Proceed to Disbursements to print checks and/or to Employees to pay commissions (or do these at another time).

Important Disbursement Adjustment

If a Settlement is deleted, go to the Disbursements Work Area and mark the corresponding disbursement as canceled.