Small Business

Complete Point-of-Sale (POS), Inventory and customer management systems for small businesses

POS Software Systems For Small Consignment-Resale Business

Complete Point-of-Sale (POS), Inventory and customer management systems for small businesses in consignment, resale, retail, antiques, thrift and mall floor-space rental. Solutions for every budget. Free software updates. No shipping charges or sales tax (except TX).

Our software and hardware systems are tiered in features and price so small businesses just starting out can computerize affordably and upgrade as profits and computer skills grow.

A basic system of software, a cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner is $879, final price, delivered in 2 days with not shipping charges or sales tax tacked on (except TX 8.25%).

Computers are available from Dell - solid equipment and with 'next-business-day' service at your store, so if there is a computer issue, the technician comes to you and there's no waiting.

The software manages a variety of transactions at different price points:

  • Retail is the buying of merchandise from companies as opposed to individuals (suppliers, wholesalers, importers, craftsmen, etc.) and the reselling of purchased items. Cost basis can be recorded and profit/loss reports can be generated.
  • Resale is the purchasing of (usually used) merchandise from individuals. Across the country it is becoming a requirement of 'secondhand dealers' to record identifying information about the sellers and the items they sell. Some jurisdictions even require reporting purchases to local police.
  • Consignment of course is taking in items that belong to others and reselling for a share of the sale proceeds. So far every conceivable variable has been included in the software including different consignor %s, configurable categories and specific reports.
  • Thrift for the most part is selling items that have been donated. The cost basis of such items is zero so total sales equals gross income.
  • Antiques - Antiques sales and floor-space rental are included in the Diamond edition of Best Consignment Shop Software. Mall operators can sell vendors' wares at POS stations, share (or not) in the sales proceeds and deduct rent from sales.
  • Layaways are a great way to increase sales by making more purchases possible. The program permits a schedule of payments, tracks the payments and finalizes the sale with the last payment.
  • Credit-Card Processing is simple and straightforward. Use any processing service including Square. The program is not integrated with a service that must be used (unlike competing programs).
  • Cloud Features allow your clients to view their information and add inventory online (that can be downloaded and edited at the shop. They can view their accounts on cell phones and PCs.
  • Work From Home does not require a web-based program costing $100 per month every month! Use free online services to access the shop computer and work on it just as though you were sitting there in front of it.