The Best Software/Hardware Deals

    • Complete System
    • One Payment for Lifetime Use
    • No Ongoing or Hidden Fees
    • No Sales Tax
    • Free Shipping
    • Rock-Solid Support
    • Established and Reputable

There Are 2 Basic Types of Software Vendors:

  1. 1. Greedy vendors with hopes of a constant flow of funds from your business to theirs
  2. 2. Fair and honest vendors with 1 payment

We are all way too familiar with the sales strategies employed by those hoping to enjoy big profits from our buying decisions.

Unfortunately manipulating and deceiving us for financial gain has become an epidemic in this country and a widely-tolerated practice. No software developer has gone to jail for wringing undisclosed dollars out of a store owner and never he will. They will continue to operate with impunity.

Best Deals on Software

Astute purchasers of software buy programs that they own with the payment of one price.

They buy a program that installs on their computers where the program and their data remain under their control, not dependent upon other parties to stay in business, show up for work, maintain Internet connections and the like.

The acquire programs with no strings attached, like "free software updates with paid annual support". Heads up developers: We are no longer falling for something 'free' when we have to purchase something else to get the 'free thing'.

Wise shoppers avoid the obvious - web-based software with ongoing never-ending monthly costs that are sure to rise once users are locked into the program.

Best Deals on Hardware

Almost without fail store owners who cut corners on hardware end up spending it on IT help trying to get their bargain buys to work properly. Buy new equipment under warranty and protected by generous return policies.

In turn the best hardware offers are those that include help with setup and support for some (limited) period of time, keeping in mind that no distributor of hardware will return the small amount of profit from hardware sales back to store owners in the form of extended time spent at the shop (remotely) training, retraining and correctly user mistakes.

People trying to sell things to us have run strategies into the ground - add-ons for handling, shipping, returns, service. We can keep hardware costs to a minimum by shopping wisely and becoming self sufficient in the use of the pieces of equipment we bring into our places of business.

Best Deals on Service

Any purchase of software and hardware should include a minimal of help in getting set up and operational.

An extreme example of buyer manipulation is proffered by Re-Sale-World who overcharges for a label printer, limits support to 30 days then charges $125 per hour to support the printer they sold!

The final price that will be deducted from your credit-card account should be the advertised price but with few exceptions we have come to expect a (substantial) difference between sales hype and the bottom line. When we allow ourselves to be deceived up front and make that ok (by finalizing the sale) we establish a precedent with that vendor that it's ok to be dishonest in our future dealings as well, and we can bank on it.

Where To Turn

Best Consignment Shop Software offers software and hardware for one price - the same price that is quoted on any web page - no add-ons or ongoing fees. One price for software and hardware.

BCSS is available after purchase with help with just about anything computer and Internet related - but price has not been padded with prepayment for additional services.

BCSS is fair and honest and by reciprocating, at least in our own little world, if it only extends to the limits of our relationship with you, we will both have benefited.