The Simple Design of BCSS Intro

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Intro Computerizes Simple Consignment Steps

The Add-Consignor Screen has a pleasing design and provides for a variety of input.

In reports or lists consignors can be grouped as active or inactive, by birth month, birth date, unsold-items option, User Date, User Text.

They may be sorted by ID, name, account balance, date of last item, sale or settlement.
New-Consignor Entry Screen

The Agreement may be printed from the input screen or at a later time.
Each Consignor Record can have its own Consignor % and Unsold-Item option (donate, destroy, return, transfer to shop).

Each consignor can be marked as Active or Inactive, to receive mailings and/or sales reports.

Print Sheets of Avery-Style Price Labels - 3 across - 10 down

On the Main Menu select Labels.


Click on Price Labels to start the process of printing labels.

Click on Price Labels Help for illustrated instructions.
This is the input screen for printing labels.

To use a partial sheet of labels, enter the # of the next label on the sheet. Example: With 7 labels used, enter 8.

Left and top label margin settings may be adjusted on this screen.

Sales and Professional Invoices Are Easy to Process

Intro has handy Function Keys across the top.
(not shown)

Just press F6 to start a new sale:


Tax can be adjusted for each item.

Pay Methods are cash, debit card, deferred, Discover, gift certificate, MC and VISA.
New-Sale Screen:

For convenience, 'Cash Sale' will appear as the customer name (but can be changed).

The same may be marked an Non-Taxable.

Discounts are entered at POS.

'Change Due' is auto-computed and displayed which greatly reduces math errors.

Settle One Consignor or Batch Process Settlements

(On the Main Screen)
Press F7 to settle 1 consignor:

or select
Batch Settle:
(on the Main Screen)

Check one, none or all items to settle. Batch print checks and settlements.
Batch-Settlement Screen:

Enter notes in the box to be printed on settlements.
On the Batch Settle Screen, the # of consignors selected and the total settlement are displayed.

Batch settle for one type of payment (cash, PayPal, store credit, gift certificate).

Deduct a set amount from each settlement.