Computer Requirements

Give your computer the power it needs and keep it clean. The best computers are the ones that make you forget about them. That starts with you.

Building a Base for BCSS Software

BCSS is as fast and as powerful as your computer. It has been used successfully on more than 3,000 (three thousand) systems. If you use old computers, computers with limited resources or computers that have been connected to the Internet (especially to receive email and download from websites) expect to have problems - not caused by BCSS, but by the computer or Windows.

If used peripherals (printers, drawers, scanners) are employed, expect to have problems, again, not with BCSS but with the inferior equipment.

Bloatware is all of the programs on the computer that you don't use. Click on Start, Control Panel, Programs (Add/Remove Programs in XP). Select and uninstall (remove) everything not in use, especially desktops, tool bars and Microsoft Works. They are taking up space and providing potential conflicts with the programs you do use.

Processors: Use Core or AMD for best performance. Atom, Celeron, Celeron-M, Centrino and Pentium (used in most laptops) run slower to avoid overheating. They are not suitable for larger databases and commercial networks. See where your processor ranks in speed on

Clock Speed: Windows 7/8/10 requires at least 2 GHz clock speed and dual-core processors. If you don't like 'slow', use at least 3 GHZ at a minimum and 4GHz or better for larger databases and several work stations.

RAM Memory: Vista/Win7/8/10 require 1 gig of RAM just for the operating system (Windows). Currently 4 gigs of RAM is minimal (and the max for 32-bit machines). 64-bit can and should have at least 8 gigs, more if you have thousands of entries or are running a host computer on a network.

Networking: Avoid wireless. Only use commercial-grade 10/100/1000 dual-band routers, 3GB NIC cards, Cat-6 straight-through cables and beef up computer resources. Avoid using the Internet modem as a routing device.


Brand new powerful desktops are available from Dell for under $20/month. Consider in i7 with 16GB of RAM and a 3.5GHz processor. If something goes wrong, Dell will have a tech at your door within 2 days, usually 1. Financing and 'specials' are often available, like 0% interest for 12 months and volume discounts.

We aren't compensated by Dell.

Hardware: Over-spending on software will not increase the level of service or provide a better program, but spending a little more on hardware will turn nightmares into pleasant dreams.

We do not recommend or support used equipment or items purchased elsewhere. The little bit of money saved by purchasing from other sources will be lost times over in payment for help trying to make them work - with no assurance of success.