Trade Show Software

Track exhibit spaces and deduct rent/expenses from sales.

Trade Show Software Exhibitors Management App

One-time payments for easy software and hardware systems, products and solutions.

Best Consignment Shop Software combines floor-space rental with a variety of transactions including consignment, buy outright (resale), retail, rentals (of merchandise as well as floor space) and layaways.

BCSS includes a fully-feature POS system for processing vendor (exhibitor) sales where applicable. Sales tax options include 'tax-free', 'tax at or above' and 'tax at' (some %) which can be applied to specific or general categories.

Multiple stations can be networked to share the same database simultaneously. Retail products (purchased from suppliers) and resale items (purchased from individuals) can be sold by trade-show management and employees.

Employees can be locked out of any part of the program and can be prevented from voiding sales and granting discounts at POS (two common forms of employee theft). Each employee can have his or her own commission schedule.

Exhibitor merchandise can be sold at POS stations. Trade-show management can share in exhibitors' sales proceeds, or not, and of course each floor space can be tracked with amounts of rent to be paid and due dates. Deductions from sales can be made for advertising, rent, credit-card fees and taxes.

Optional (paid) services allow vendors to enter their inventory online which can be downloaded by the software user. Price labels with barcodes could be printed for expeditious checkout.

BCSS cannot be purchased until the shop owner confirms that the software does all that is necessary and works properly on the shop computer(s), so please take advantage of the pre-sale live demo. Start by downloading the software then watch this video on Booth Tracker Software.