Used Systems Prices

Buy new software and hardware at 'used' prices

Used Consignment Software Systems For Sale

Save a bundle on consignment software and hardware. Purchase direct, avoid those 'annual support plans' or never-ending monthly rental payments that add up to $5,000 over time!

You just want to consign, buy and sell, keep track of clients and inventory, label things and use barcodes (or not), process sales and produce reports that tell you how you're doing, yet you might like a program with a complete feature set that's easy to use and supports equipment like cash drawers, ink, receipt and label printers, barcode scanners...

Ok, so search Google for 'consignment software' and eliminate every vendor listed at the top paying for ad placement. Those will be the most expensive programs in part because their cost of advertising is passed on to those who buy their software. In case you're interested, vendors 'bid' on those ad placements. The current bid is $11.31 which means every time the vendor's ad is clicked on, it costs him $11.31.

Here's the key to saving money over time with shop automation: Don't get involved with software that includes 'annual support fees', leases or monthly rental payments. You will have to know

  • Vendors who claim to have 'optional' fees have ways of forcing those fees to be paid, usually withholding essential software updates and denying service in any form
  • Once you're locked into a software program you won't want to have to purchase and learn another program. Vendors know that so they will increase the fee or the monthly payment over time. Your costs will escalate.
  • One-man-shows like 'consignpro' subject you to the risks of doing business with an individual as opposed to a company. Wilson at 'conpro' brags about firing clients (you) for asking too many questions. He can also disable your software, as he has done before, if you don't pay his 'optional' fees.

The Cheapest and Best Option

For the price of just the software from some vendors ($1,100 to $1,300 up front) you can purchase an entire new system under warranty from Best Consignment Shop Software. Examples:

  • Deluxe software plus drawer, receipt printer and scanner: $879
  • Diamond software please drawer, printer and scanner: $999
  • Diamond software plus drawer, LABEL printer and scanner: $1,099

Nothing is used or refurbished.

For a complete price list of new systems, please go to zen/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1.

You can't purchase the software until the boss takes a look at the demo and confirms that the software meets expectations and works properly on the computer to be used so please download the demo and give us a call for a 'free live demo'.