Web Based Software

Web-based consignment software is the most expensive.

Web Based Consignment Software

The trap has been laid. It remains to be seen whether you are going to take the bait and step into it. Keep in mind that once you've made a decision, once you (and your employees) have suffered the hours to become proficient in one software program - you're likely to get stuck in the 'prior investment trap' and resist buying another program, getting your data converted (hopefully correctly), and learning another program all over again...

...not to mention that the amount of money you will have spent on 'web-based software' could have paid for a nice annual Puerto Vallarta vacation!


Need to work from home, or while on vacation, or from the other side of the world? You can do that for free without having to pay a huge monthly fee for web-based consignment software. Just leave the shop computer on and access it using any of the free remote-pc programs (Aammy, Gotomypc, Logmein, Team Viewer).


Any unbiased knowledgable source knows that any low-level computer (as compared to a government or corporate computer) can easily be hacked. Know that you will be held responsible for placing your customers' names, business names, physical and email addresses, and phone numbers 'out there' on a computer that you know nothing about rented by a complete stranger who in turn knows very little about the 'company' that he's renting the computer (space) from.

Oh yes, you'll get the sales nonsense that your data is totally secure when in fact the only security is that available to any low-level commercial enterprise engaged in the business of placing computers (servers) online and applying the best-available security measures (which are totally inadequate protection from the bad guys).

One con man even gives his personal guarantee that your data will be safe, while he operates behind his own safeguard as an 'LLC' (Limited Liability Company) protecting HIS PERSONAL assets from any statements he makes as an LLC about 'guarantees'.

Who Has Your Data?

Who owns your data? Well, you do, but do you have access to it? local daily copies of it? If you've gotten this far and are still considering web-based consignment software, call people who don't have an interest in selling you on web-based software for more opinions. Even if the policy today is that you have access to your data, most likely there's a single person making decisions about data policy - not much security when something so important is controlled by a single individual hiding behind an LLC.


Seriously, $100 per month forever paid to an individual who controls your business? 'What if' that person disappears, gets on the wrong airplane - doesn't show up one day? Are you really going to depend upon something so fragile as blind trust in a situation that is totally foreign to you?


If all else goes well - the server doesn't get hacked and you don't get sued for liability - the individual manages to stick around and doesn't abandon you - all the false promises never get tested - the fact remains that all this risk and alleged wonderment isn't nearly worth an endless monthly payment that will result in a big drain on your shop's income. That's the intended design: Use software as a conduit for passing money from your bank account to 'his'.

The 'hidden cost' is extortion - holding the program hostage to increasing costs.


Sayonara to every penny paid to the individual for 'his' program. You have no equity - no right to resell the software - because you weren't granted ownership. "SaaS" stands for 'Software as a Service' - a concept widely adopted by software developers who were looking for a way to retire on their users' use of their programs - an endless stream of income for nothing more than the use (not ownership) of a web-based program.