Software is a silent partner ready with accurate vital details. Pay once for a lifetime of valuable assistance.

Save Time, Money and Frustration with the Right Software

The right software provider and program will do nothing less than impress you, your employees and your customers.

  • Employees will get more done and more done right. Sure there's a learning curve but mastering BCSS™ is as easy as learning how to use a TV remote control.
  • Customers will be impressed. They'll see pristine price tags, reports, consignment agreements and sales invoices. They won't be kept waiting at checkout. They'll leave your store with a favorable impression, a resolve to return and a desire to tell others.
  • You will save hours of time & get far more accomplished in a day's time. Print several hundred price tags all at once, or a batch of checks & settlement reports, mailing labels... Batch enter inventory. Handle 5 sales at once. BCSS™ adds speed, efficiency and accuracy.
  • You will know far more about your business with far greater ease. Press one button to see what was entered into inventory for the day, what sold to which customer at what price by which salesperson for which consignor. See your profits instantly.
  • There will be more money from increased sales and reduced expenses - more funds for advertising, store improvements and vacation. You might actually take a vacation resting assured that a software program is helping your staff run your business reliably.
  • Computerizing will advance your computer skills and increase your confidence. In a short time you will master the program and feel great about having bought the software. One payment. A lifetime benefit. Say goodbye to long hours, employee sick days and turnover.
    • No Annual Fees
    • Free Software Updates
    • Fully-Staffed Support

A demo of BCSS is available: